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Cruise ship and luxury resort reviews: Cruising Review - cruiseship vacations to the Caribbean, Europe and South Pacific, cruise ship voyages including pre/post cruise resort destinations. Extensive reviews with photos and video cover itineraries including video, tour and ship data.  Digital Cameras Used in These Reviews

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2017 Mukul Resort | Emerald Coast | Nicaragua | See Review of Resort

Charter KingAir C90 From Mukul to LIR Liberia | Costa Rica

Time Lapse Mukul Resort Clouds

Time Lapse Mukul Resort Sunset

Don’t Use AIG Travel Insurance: On a recent trip to Tahiti, we had a travel delay and paid for a premium travel insurance policy. Our aircraft had a mechanical (guess what, that’s not covered), and the delayed trip policy only paid $100 a night for the resort. Our resort was $2,000 a night. The travel insurance from AIG is a complete waste of money (policy was $1,400) for the luxury trip. I would recommend you purchase a annual policy from another company, which specifically focusses on medical evacuation only.  A annual policy is around $150-200 total. Skip the other forms of insurance, since you won’t get paid on a claim. Also keep in mind that many insurance groups make your homeowners or renters insurance to pay first, and they are secondary. Again, it’s a waste of money.



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JetSetCruise (travel review blog site of originally was set as the travel planning site for Bora Bora Cruises. Unfortunately, the wonderful super-yacht cruise company in French Polynesia went out of business. We are now making JetSetCruise a live update to our travel site,


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