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Panama Canal Cruise and Antilles

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San Blas, Panama

Deserted Island 1/2 Wednesday, February 06, 2002
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San Blas
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San Blas Islands

After the Panama Canal, our ship headed east by south east into the San Blas islands. We dropped the hook about a kilometer between a deserted island and a village. Some of the passengers went to the village (though 6 foot choppy seas) while I took a zodiac to the deserted island.

Floating Marina

Luckily, the Radisson Diamond has it's own floating marina, so some of the crew ferried over some jet skis to the deserted island. Once there, I was jet skiing with a guy who was really quite good. Once back on the shore, I started talking to him-- it was the second in command ! (The captain elected to stay on ship while at anchor)

After the beach, it was back on board for a nice lunch (sushi) and then tanning. The ship left anchor towards Cartagena at about 2pm. Since the ship only does a 13 knot cruise, it would take at least 16-18 hours. I couldn't help notice while I was on the pool deck, that there were less than 10 people there at any one time-- truly like a private ship. With only 143 passengers on a 460 vessel, there is space galore.

The entire afternoon we worked out way through the San Blas Archipelago-- a chain of islands that most resemble islands of the south Pacific. The most amazing emerald blue/green water is the predominant color here. Palm trees line the islands as if trying to escape their small spot of sand.

Evening brought 15 foot Atlantic swells, but the SWATH design of this catamaran ship took it quite smoothly. A SWATH design is like having two submarine hulls underwater, with the ship above. It does not roll like a regular monohull ship, but has a peculiar side to side jerky rhythm which is strange to adjust to albeit very stable.

Additional Photographs: Deserted Island 1/2

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