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Don’t Use AIG Travel Insurance: On a recent trip to Tahiti, we had a travel delay and paid for a premium travel insurance policy. Our aircraft had a mechanical (guess what, that’s not covered), and the delayed trip policy only paid $100 a night for the resort. Our resort was $2,000 a night. The travel insurance from AIG is a complete waste of money (policy was $1,400) for the luxury trip. I would recommend you purchase a annual policy from another company, which specifically focusses on medical evacuation only.  A annual policy is around $150-200 total. Skip the other forms of insurance, since you won’t get paid on a claim. Also keep in mind that many insurance groups make your homeowners or renters insurance to pay first, and they are secondary. Again, it’s a waste of money.

Note: If you have had a similar experience with travel insurance, especially with AIG Travel Guard, please email me. I’ll post your review. If we can get a few more people that have been treated similarly poorly, lets get a class-action suit going and get the word out not to use them.

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20170424: AIG Insurance Update – AIG is going to pay me a whopping $100 for my travel delay, that’s it. It turns out that AIG Travel Insurance doesn’t cover aircraft mechanical issues (probably one of the most common reasons for a trip delay), and the maximum on their policy for hotels is just $100 per day. Not much if you’re traveling to any resort in French Polynesia (the missed night at the Four Season’s was $2,000). The bottom line is that travel insurance may be good for medical evacuation if you don’t have that on your primary insurance, which may be homeowner, renter, or medical insurance (get a quote based on a $100 trip cost, since it’s the same evacuation insurance regardless of trip value – and just get a yearly policy for around $200 which covers all trips), but is completely useless for your other travel needs. For medical evacuation, it’s to the nearest medical facility, not back home. The AIG Policy was around $1,500 for this trip, and completely useless. Also, in any insurance claim, they may force to you first use your home owners or renters insurance policy first, and theirs as a backup.

From the website: Secondary Coverage means that this coverage will be paid after any other Primary collectible insurance has paid the claim and the Primary policy limits have been exhausted. And if you’re paying for luxury travel (charter, business or first class) they will only reimburse you for economy (assuming they decide to even pay at all).

20170501: The director of claims called to discuss my claim. If you need to contact her, her number is 715-295-5993. She said that AIG pays over 90 percent of its claims. When I asked for evidence of that, and to what amount is paid for a claim (i.e. $1.00 or requested claim amount), the request was refused. When I asked how many people buy insurance, versus how many claims are filed, that request was refused too. 

Again, AIG insurance is a waste of money. I’ll never use AIG again, and I don’t recommend them to anybody for travel insurance. At least they’re quick and efficient to minimize or deny your claims. Your next step is to request a refund on your policy, if you are a unhappy customer, since they claim *Satisfaction Guaranteed*  – you can email them at

Update: AIG does not believe in customer satisfaction. You may only get a refund on your policy before your trip is completed. Which makes zero sense at all, since you probably won’t need it until during or after the trip. They call this the review period. It’s a scam.

Summary: AIG is useless.

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