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For the next trip to French Polynesia I will be trying these travel accessories. Ultimately the usefulness of any travel item is a compromise between lugging around extra stuff, weight, and convenience. These items help reduce the time that it takes to provide media for both website and Instagram posts.

Olympus TG5: 4K video tough underwater camera with exceptional image quality, ease-of-use, Wi-Fi capability and link to iPhone. I absolutely love the TG-4 but wanted to expand the video capability to 4K. This camera does amazing underwater and can withstand the rigors of adventure travel. The camera works well except for the difficult Wifi connection from the camera to iPhone. I now bring two iPhones when I travel (one dedicated for time lapse and drone use) so this provides a good back up for photographs.


USB Hub: some of the newer resorts and hotels have great connectivity especially for USB charging. But for the most part, most locations lack USB support. This is a inexpensive necessity that helps when charging various electronics. Best of all, there’s no more scrambling around to find available USB ports which saves lots of time when you’re trying to enjoy travel.


AA Lithium Ion USB Rechargeable Batteries: available on Amazon, these batteries provide excellent charge storage and higher amperage power. What I love about lithium ion is that regardless of how long they’ve been sitting around, they appear to retain their charge for very long periods of time. They also provide a better energy density capacity. Are use these batteries for travel on carry-on luggage, including electric razor, and flashlight. These batteries have a removable green top which exposes a onboard USB charger. Perfect for charging with the USB hub. These batteries are much more expensive than standard disposable or even lower capacity nickel metal hydride, but well worth the price of convenience.

TimeLapse Trolley: this neat little device connects to your camera or iPhone to provide a moving track for time lapse photography. USB charged. Unit ships with a pesky battery protector, which needs to be removed before charging. This involves disassembling the flat part of the trolley to access the battery. Has excellent camera mounting capabilities.


Collapsible Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod: if you’re checking luggage, this is a must-have item for timelapse and other photography. The unit collapses very compact and is relatively lightweight. Connectors are all aluminum, but the main body tubes are carbon fiber. Very well built. Cannot wait to try out this tripod.

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