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Cruise | MSC – Bellissima | Monday | Abu Dhabi | UAE

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Dysfunctional ship Monday: Pool towels were never replaced. Had to try to find some new towels which was another snafu. Called 99 which is guest services and they wanted to send me towels for the bathroom. I kept explaining we needed pool towels which are clearly described as ones which will be replaced every day. Message did not seem to be understood. Finally just asked a nice room steward to give us some towels. Seeing as how they charge you €20 for each towel you don’t have at the end of the cruise, this could get expensive. Another dysfunctional system aboard ship.

Entire top deck packed: The only downside to having 4000 passengers is that the upper deck is completely packed and clogged in the afternoon. Those who are lucky enough to afford and book yacht club level enjoy a different standard of relaxation.

Market buffet soap dispensers: Once again no soap at the wash stations for the market buffet (which was the most crowded since people got back on the ship around 2pm, which that meant everybody was eating at the same time). This is a red flag since it’s important that everybody washes their hands with soap to prevent the spread of Norovirus.

Day Ashore: Getting on and off the ship was easy and seamless. Very good system in place.


Cabin Lock: Door of my cabin is barely working. Have to jiggle it just right to make the lock mechanism work. It’s a new ship relatively speaking. Less than a-year-old. Not sure why things aren’t working

Bathroom Facial Tissue: First cruise I’ve ever been (out of 33), where are the Kleenex dispenser has been empty for four days. Might seem like nitpicking, except that this is a fairly expensive cruise, since I’m paying for two people traveling as a solo passenger. One of the halogen lights is burned out in the csbin. In this day and age everything should be either compact fluorescent or LED. Any ship that uses halogen is significantly increasing their cooling loads, since they are very hot operating lights.

Dinner: dinner in the free restaurant was a flop. Right when we sat down they had a beautiful bottle of red wine on the table, and then they paraded by with a T-bone steak and a lobster tail. I wanted the lobster tail, which really wasn’t much good and couldn’t even eat. Rest of the dinner was subpar. Left before dessert even came out. Not worth it. Of course they took the wine away (right away) when we didn’t buy it. Upselling only works if the food is good.

Sunset was just beautiful; we departed the port around 3pm. Then cruised into the sunset. Was pretty spectacular.

Dubai versus Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi seems to be better developed (less tacky commercialism).

Pro Tips:

Keep track of your towels. Otherwise you are charged. Day at sea means everybody is on deck and it is super crowded. Try to book yacht club level. Don’t buy the upgrades during (free) dinner. Usually they are subpar. I ordered the lobster tonight for €28 and it was not even worth eating.

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