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Day on Ship | MSC – Bellissima | Wednesday | Muscat Oman | UAE

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Dysfunctional Ship Wednesday: Had Second and final meeting with guest services. We requested access to yacht club level for more space and better lunch options. Request was denied. They said that people were already complaining in yacht club level (that it was overcrowded and service issues). The emerging consensus is that when the ship is fully booked and cannot function properly. It is either understaffed or unable to meet design parameters of the ship. This is a management issue, or the ship is poorly designed and does not meet published capacity. If you cannot get yacht club level do not book on this ship, or you most likely will have a poor experience.

Ashore in Muscat: we toured some of the local sites, markets, and had lunch ashore to avoid all of the hassles and issues with eating lunch aboard the ship.

Lighthouse Free Dinner: The dinner menu looked really good. So we opted for a free dinner night. Bread and cheese prior dinner was good. Lentil soup was way over salted. Couldn’t even eat the main course of falafel and other items. Another disappointing meal. We went up to the marketplace Buffet to try to get some better tasting food and noticed that it was very crowded. The trend seems to be for people avoid disappointment they try to go up to the market buffet which is now starting to overcrowd that for dinner.

Cabin Door Lock Fixed: maintenance tech stop by and fixed my door for the cabin so all is well there.

Sunset: just a beautiful sunset today.

Casino: Passengers are allowed to smoke in the casino. This is odd since in Europe most of smoking is banned inside of buildings. Makes the casino experience like casinos in the USA. unfortunately, if you don’t smoke, it’s pretty annoying.

Old system meets new system – neither works well: The card-based system has been used for the better part of 20 years now. It is antiquated and needs to go. The RFID technology is here to stay and is well proven on princess cruises. MSC should learn from them that it’s a much more effective way of sales, tracking, and marketing.

Fully booked ship experience emerges: The bottom line is that while the staff is wonderful, they are understaffed, and are working around a outdated and poorly functioning system. When you fully sell the ship now you’re stressing out every single part (function) of the ship. Clearly the buffet lunch room (market place) was does not designed to handle this many passengers. These kind of growing pains can easily be avoided by doing studies prior to ship launch, by simulating passenger movement, times etc. computation of flow is a common engineer in tool that can be also applied to passenger movement and passenger experience. All this data is available. Other cruise lines use it, and they study passenger flow. Not sure why MSC can’t do the same.

Pro Tips:

Book yacht club level, if you want to travel on the ship. Otherwise you most likely will have a very poor experience.

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