MSC Bellissima – Top Ten Reasons to Avoid This Ship

Cruise | MSC – Bellissima | Sunday | Abu Dhabi | UAE

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Top 10 Reasons To Avoid MSC Bellissima:

1. Overcrowded: Ship capacity which exceeds design led to cut corners. It’s a management problem. Cut corners leads to unclean conditions and poor service.

2. Food Quality: Buffet good (super crowded). Free restaurants average to poor (we tried our best to avoid the free restaurants). Specialty restaurants are good to fantastic (Tepanyaki experience was amazing).

3. Yacht Club: While you may get exceptional experience in this separate class, you are on the same crowded ship. I was in standard passenger class. When I voiced my concerns to the Guest Relations, they said that the Yacht Club people were complaining too.

4. Long Wait: Expect long lines. It’s just part of the mega-ship unpersonalized experience.

5. Questionable Cleanliness: Overcrowded means limited or no soap or hand sanitizer in food areas. When were were in the Market buffet, we had to take 4-5 sets of dinner ware, since they were never clean. Clearly, the dinnerware was pushed through the washers at such a rate, that they were not cleaned properly.

6. Unhappy Crew: Overcrowding and limited staff means existing crew was overworked. It showed. Lack of sleep and non-worktime rest combined with poor management, results in a less than energetic crew.

7. A La Carte Pricing: drink pre-paid packages don’t wotk at specialty restaurants. If you used a pre-paid package, expect problems when trying to buy drinks for others (it doesn’t work unless they write up a paper invoice).

8. Internet Access: Service is inconsistant, and sometimes very slow. Service only works with one device at a time (can’t tether or share). Expensive (I paid around 148 Euro – but then had to buy for our group since bracelets didn’t work for location services). Since you don’t have any choice, you have to buy it.

9. Bracelets: Prepare to spend hours with guest services to make them work. The don’t work with POS (point of sales) charge devices. POS still used paper receipt system. This is the biggest joke of the ship. Princess Cruises has a beautiful Medallion System, which MSC should copy. MSC is trying to make two systems work (card and bracelet) and the results is that neither work well.

10. Passenger and Crowd Flow: There are a number of bottlenecks, which result in frustration and poor passenger experience. This is a super beautiful ship (probably the nicest big ship I’ve seen) but someone didn’t put the time into running the analytics for computational flow design (CFD) in the original design stage, or it was not properly executed in the build stage.

Fixes: Lots of easy fixes, but in some cases would reduce MSC profit. Easiest fix is more crew to service increased capacity. The biggest fix is eliminating the legacy card system, and going straight to the medallion system that Princess Cruises uses. Eliminate the paper receipts altogether. Just a big waste of time and paperwork. These are real basic strategies that should have been employed along time ago by MSC management. Somebody isn’t doing their job in the top ranks.

Pro Tips:

Book Yacht Club (expensive) experience, or prepare to be disappointed. Expect to be charged for every small thing you can think of.

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