Social Media: Start a Feeding Frenzy

How to start a feeding frenzy on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. #youtube #instagram #facebook #socialmedia #optimization

Date: 1/21/2020

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Write Once and Feed Many

Every feel that you simply don’t have enough time ? Wondering how to make your posts more automated, since they share the same information ? Want to put in one bait to feed the hungry sharks ?

The drudgery of building captions and posts for Instagram and other social media takes valuable time away from your travel experience. Whether it’s work or fun, you want time to enjoy. 

Imagine a world where you only had to create content once, then share it cross platform. Even better, imagine blending in the nuances of each feed, and customizing automatically the caption, while keeping the basic information the same.

Optimize your content so that it is well formed for search engine and algorithm spiders to accurately categorize and rank your posts.


Devote more time to content and originality, instead of focussing on infrastructure and repetitiveness. 

Time is your most valuable resource, and optimizing it allows you to enjoy your experience deeper and with more meaning.


Common Elements: Determine which information each social media platform shares, so you can develop a method to write once, and feed many (using a database).

Build: Develop a simple database where you can store information you can reuse, and redeploy. The time spent initially will save you huge amounts of time in the long run. 

Rapid Fire: With a database solution or app that minimizes your input information, all it takes is a click of a button to copy and then paste into the social media captions. While traveling, this saves your screen time, and gets you back into the experience.


Resource: Your most valuable resource is time. Build and deploy effective methods to enter information once, then have it formatted for each media platform.

Strategy: Always have a plan, and deploy it. If it works, duplicate it. If it doesn’t, trying something different. Too many get stuck with doing the same thing, that doesn’t work.

Flow: Develop work flows which save time. The most effective is using a simple to use database, which you can program, like Filemaker. Don’t use antiquated spreadsheets, and other legacy organizing methods which waste your time.


Expect Failure: It will happen. Plan for it. But do something, anything, to get visibility now. Get it done, not perfect.

Plan for Success: Preflight your posts and do your homework first, prior to posting live. Optimal title and keywords only enhance your positioning. Research successful posts and videos to see the secret ingredient. 

Optimize Ground Truth: Compare SEO page ranks of other top posts, and emulate their presentation of title words. Use Google Search and Keywords to determine best search phase to enhance your page ranking.

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