Streamlining the Process is the glue to Whatever you Do

The process is the glue, to whatever you do. #process #streamline #seo

Feeling bogged down ? Not enough time to do things. Always running late ? Stressed out because the to-do list never gets started ? Behind in video editing ? Social Media posts never on time ? I am the Marie Condo of process.

Major focus. Streamlining. Do what you do in a better way, and you will be rewarded. This is eluded to in extreme empowerment. But more defined, by you.

Set yourself free. Unleash your productivity, unabashed creativity, and bloom. Develop your own magical process. Sketch your own personal drawing, color it with a sunrise, to make a work of art.

I originally started Cruising Review back in 2001 to help other travelers define and enhance their experience. Even back then it was about the process of the journey, not the destination.

Now streamlining the process is the bullseye. If I can help you along the way, even better. At the end of the day, is always a beautiful sunset.

How I Started: The website originally started off as a project to develop a comprehensive travel review blog based on Filemaker database software (databases are the best way to organize huge amounts of data such as photos and reviews) in 2001, but then became a passion. After all, who doesn’t like traveling ? In my travels, I met many inspiring people, who encouraged my passion for inventing, and thus led to my developing alternative energy systems and concepts.

Factual Reviews and Presentations: Cruising Review provides factual reviews. If a guest experience goes wrong, we try to work with the hotel staff to remedy the poor experience. We do this to encourage systematic change (we don’t do it for free stays, points, or any reimbursement). We are very transparent in our reviews, and hope you appreciate that, since your time and money are valuable assets. Most travelers have limited time, and want to spend it enjoying the experience, not dealing with resort issues. I pay with my resort stays with cash, or points (earned through stays or via point credit cards). Either way, I pay for the resort. I don’t solicit free stays at resorts, since that can bias your review.

Why Do I Travel ? I travel, because I love the ocean, the mountains, interaction of meeting new people, and constantly seek a beautiful sunset.

Projects and Work: I have a electric ship design project, where I’m designing and innovating new concepts for sustainable living at sea, based on a solar powered catamaran. See:  I own several small businesses, which provide me the income to travel. As a pilot and an inventor, I also have some revolutionary projects:

Waste Heat to Energy: Recycle waste heat to make power, and make low-grade heat accessible to make power through solar thermal, or even recovering heat from computer server farms. Unfortunately, nobody will fund such projects, so they are mostly dormant.

CO2 to Alcohol: Back in 2004 I invented a process which takes liquid CO2, and made fuel grade ethanol, methanol, and butanol (via a reverse fuel cell). Competing with a oil-based economy, and oil-based greed, is virtually impossible for a small business. The project was code named Ocean Ethanol. Two patents came out of the research and development.

Current: My current business ventures are in technologies that recycle lithium batteries, extracting oil from plant sources, silent drone technology, and plasma wing research. What is the glue for everything ? Process. It defines the outline, and manages the progress. Now I apply streamlining to everything I do. Why ? Because I’m running out of time.

Social Media Content Research and Development: I’m currently working on various methods to streamline social media content deliver (i.e. write once and feed many). I have already developed the TagzGen app (forms captions and hashtags for Instagram, using Filemaker and for iPhone). Developing a Travel app for bloggers, that organizes all information in one handy iPhone app. Developed PDF Q, which is a search engine app that harvests PDF documents relavent to your search subject, then parses out text and images, then reformats that information into a html page with your links and product (similar to AdWords). The html pages are uploaded to a server, where it is accessible for Google search engine spiders. The result is relavent link-backs to your website, or social media feed, and provides higher SEO ranking, views, followers, etc. I strategize on a daily basis on how to improved Social Media ranking and feeds so that I can optimize time for results, and minimize time on the iPhone device (to provide a more in-depth experience when traveling, you can’t be spending all your time posting on your smartphone).

Mentors: I also study the works of Nikola Tesla (inventor and creator of the worlds AC grid system), and Viktor Schauberger (water technology).


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All photos and content are copyright of, Global Energy, and Pepe.

Pepe.G6: Innovator, inventor, travel reviews, commercial pilot, sailor, expert in Filemaker database development, organizer, and optimization specialist. My motto is never stop exploring, and always keep learning. The journey is the destination. I am focusing on being whole food plant based, and living a alcohol free lifestyle. Self-improvement is a on-going strategy.

Freedom From Popups: You will note that our website is free of advertising, junky social media tags, and annoying pop-ups. You can help support this site by telling the resort or cruise ship company that you saw them reviewed here.

What’s Next: When funding becomes available, I hope to develop and build a eco-electric-ship (catamaran or Proa) which is fully sustainable for tourism, to travel the globe. Based on the book and community Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, I hope to evangelize solar technologies, and sustainable tourism, with zero environmental impact (actually will enhance the environment) around the world. When ready, the concept of a eco-ship will be showcased at a new website,

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