Goals and Projects for 2020

2020 Goals: Here is what you can look forward to in 2020:

Summary: The emerging common theme now is streamlining travel, business, and the way things are done. Seamless travel is the core thread of time to better your experience, while enhancing your time and money. Our focus (target) is to reduce time on your devices, and get you back into the experience. Streamlining is now how I run my multiple businesses, and is the infrastructure which allows me to do more, with less. I apply this strategy from everything from packing and luggage hacks, to putting my entire office on my iPhone 11 Pro. The methodology allows me to quickly and efficiently build structured InstaGram and YouTube posts, while optimizing SEO keywords and ranking. The ultimate reward is higher views, content, and subscribers (all while saving time which gets me back into enjoying travel). This will all come together in multiple posts below, and into a new book I’m working on, which will turn your life around. Forget Artificial Intelligence, use Intelligent Reasoning instead. Your mind is more powerful than the universe. Use it.

Start a YouTube Channel: Our CruisingReview YouTube started at the Conrad Maldives resort stay in early January 2020. Visit: YouTube Channel CruisingReview

PDF and YouTube Review (updated 22 Feb 2020): Streamlining: The Art of Building a YouTube Video

Develop a Device for Content Makers: Content Creator Cockpit


PDF Business Call Log: PDF Form and How-to guide.

PDF and YouTube Review: The Art of Seamless Travel. Experience. Knowledge. Wisdom.

PDF and YouTube Review of Sky Princess: An example of what works and a great cruise

PDF and YouTube Review of MSC Bellisima: Top Ten Reasons To Avoid This Ship

PDF and YouTube Review: How to Charter a Jet.

Web Review: Emirates Airbus A380 business class from JFK to Dubai DXB.

PDF and YouTube Review: Social Media: Write once and feed many.

PDF and YouTube Review: Equation based algorithm formulas to explore YouTube and Web SEO: Integrating fractals, and Mandelbrot set with Fibonacchi Sequence as part of the bifurcation diagram. Period doubling with feedback loop. This is the basis of modeling in nature, chaos theory, dripping faucets, and even random number generators (aka the lottery). Divide the ratio of bifurcation formula = fundamental constant value of nature, 4.669 (think of pi for an example of universality). (Reference YouTube video on equation) (Reference NIH) Formula: x(n+1) = r  x(n)[1-x(n)]

PDF Eco Ship Design Series: How to design a cost effective (i.e. low cost) Eco-friendly, all-electric, multihull cruising vessel for AirBNB and atelier workshop, based on a modular hull design. Emphasize solid, positive floatation hulls with all infrastructure above the water (i.e. unsinkable). After reviewing thousands of YouTube videos on vessel rebuilds, I have amassed a huge knowledge base of how-to tips and things to avoid with recycling old vessels (sail and motor). Click here for design flow, pdfs, and more.

PDF and YouTube Review: How to turn a bad resort experience positive.

PDF and YouTube Review: How to Charter a Helicopter.

PDF and YouTube Review: Streamlining. Business is basically a material handling operation. Learn how to command the infrastructure, and rise to the top.

PDF and YouTube Review: The Instagram Algorithm.

PDF and YouTube Review: Instagram Post Captions.

DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Software for Mac: Learn to create and edit YouTube videos.

Build a YouTube Editing Studio: Create a video editing workshop.

Build a Affiliates Link Page: Help support our channel.

Develop Search Engine Spider for PDF: Based on Filemaker Database engine, develop a solution that increases SEO, page ranking, and link-backs, while enhancing YouTube video views and subscribers. Stage one testing Maldives Index and  Drone Index

Develop Smartphone App Software: Continue to optimize and develop Tagzgen, the Instagram post maker. Add to user experience by adding YouTube caption maker, Travel Notes, and other enhancements. Travel blogger software to make time more efficient, and accounting with communications on-the-go, via your smartphone app.

Develop Travel Products: Cheese (Moon) bar for travel tripods to hold a smartphone, microphone, lighting, and other ancillaries. Triangle Design.

Develop Travel Products: Carbon fiber clothes hangar that is lightweight and super compact in design, for 1 minute packing and unpacking. Develop a convenient, fast, and efficient way to unpack while keeping clothes wrinkle free.

Develop Travel Products: Cruise ship smartphone communicator, which allows interpersonal communication on cruise ships for texting. The biggest hassle of megaships is locating and communicating with your tribe.

Develop Travel Products: Silent drone technology to reduce or eliminate drone propeller noise for stealthy operation. This may include active or passive noise reduction.

Build a Apple IOS APP: That uses the multiple camera lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro that saves both a portrait (InstaGram) and landscape (YouTube) mode photo or video. This ensures that the correct format is available for posting to social media. It’s easier to subtract images off your phone, than add (impossible after the image is taken). Video editing software to correct images does a poor job on preserving the experience.

Social Media Links:

InstaGram Pepe.G6


Instagram TagzGen App and Blogger Software

YouTube Channel CruisingReview

Favorite Software and Books: 

Best Database Software Platform for Computers and Smartphones: Filemaker

Best Book of the Year: Extreme Ownership 20200109-digital-nomad-1

Best Nutrition Book of the Year: How Not To Die 20200109-digital-nomad-2

YouTube Cruising Review Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7gOvLwcxt8MtYt3ExzAZJQ


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