It’s never too late to prepare – here is how you start

It’s never too late to prepare – here is how you start

Date: 3/22/2020

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As the world pandemic increases, an increased awareness of the daily essential needs is worth considering.

Now is the time to develop a strategy to survive a long-term diminishing resources.

Like most you depending on a supply chain for your water, food, and power. If any one of these chains breaks, you will see delays, or denied service. You can already see this in stores with limited selections, or lack of product (think toilet paper).

What if there is a interruption with fuel for trucks ? Then your food supply will be limited at the stores. What if workers at the local power generation station get sick ? You might get brownouts or blackouts.

Developing a plan now helps to insure you won’t have a interrupted supply.

Talk about this with your neighbors, since we’re a global community. Developing alliances and a coops allows you to pool resources to get things done.

Also support your local farmers to keep your local supply.

Planning is great prevention.



You can live without food for a long time, but without water, only a few days. Have a plan in place for good quality drinking water.

1. Filter drinking tap water with a activated charcoal filter.

2. Steam distill drinking water for even more purification.

3. Get a camping type water purifier in case your city (or well water) supply is interrupted.

Get a handheld UV-C (250 nm wavelength) biocide device. It does not effect giardia (parasite), but perfect for viruses.



Develop a staged strategy, which gives you independence. 

1. Sprouts: Sprouts have 5 to 50 times the nutrition compared to their mature version. In a few days, you can have fresh sprouts for salad, sandwiches, or just plain.

2. Indoor Window Garden: Start growing a mini herb garden. Use LED lighting if you don’t have good Sun exposure.

3. Outdoor Garden: Get out and garden. It’s fun, and you can provide your own fresh vegetables.

Get a handheld UV-C (250 nm wavelength) biocide device.



1. Personal Level: Small smartphone solar charger. Backup lithium battery packs.

2. Home Level: LED lighting, and reduce loads. Install a few solar electric panels with a DC to AC inverter, and add-on as needed.

3. Small Business Level: Roof mounted solar electric array, with inverter and lithium battery storage.

Think about those solar ovens and solar thermal vacuum tubes for cooking during lunch. Also consider an electric car, and basing your life around renewable energy that is accessible to you at home.

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