2021 Goals and Projects

January 2021: Happy New Year. I’ll be updating my 2021 goals and projects on a regular basis. I can’t wait to get back traveling again, but with a renewed ambition on healthy travel, and figuring out ways to live healthier. Next trip is Tahiti and Bora Bora at the end of January (2021).

The World in 2020: 2020 was a global reset. It was Mother Nature’s way of telling us we’re doing something wrong. Pandemics originated when humans domesticated animals hundreds of years ago. It’s a good time to take time to review how we live our lives. On a personal level, I plan on trying to be more plant-based and emphasize whole food nutrition, relying less on animal products, factory farming, and trending towards farm-to-table strategy (along with growing my own nutrients by using hydroponics and high nutrition sprouts). Did you know that you can eat tomato leaves (they have more lycopene than the tomato fruit) ? With lots of self-quarantine time, I’ve spent alot of my time researching healthy living and botanicals which can improve your life.

Travel: For my 2021 travel, I’m looking for travel companions (must be a woman, single, have passport) for travel to Europe, and reviewing cruises (Rhine river, Mediterranean, Italy, Caribbean, and South Pacific). If you’re interested, please visit my InstaGram (pepe.G6) and DM me, or send me an email.

AirBNB Yacht: Over the past year I’ve been developing a AirBNB renewable powered (solar PV) multihull. The 60 ft. yacht will be a unique trimaran, with three carbon fiber hulls and all-systems and living quarters above the waterline. There will be no bildge (an odd revolutionary concept). The hulls will be a unique woven air-pocket system which will be extremely durable and solid (but light). The bridgedeck will start at 4 ft (3.1 meter) above the water to prevent any slamming, with a two-deck system. The craft will first be designed for Swiss and Italian river and lake usage, and then adapted for ocean-going service. The unique design will be a paddle-wheeler, to reflect traditional European lake and river cruisers. More important, the paddle-wheel was chosen over all other designs for ease of build, cost, durable, and dependable service. Built in modules, the vessel will be shippable via ocean freight container. More information can be found at our dedicated E Ship site at https://electricship.com

Inventing and Development Projects: For 2021, I will circle back to focus on inventing and researching healthy living, and building a cosmetics company for DIY home skin care solutions ( SwissMixIt ). While traveling, I hope to seek out local medicinal plants and anti-aging solutions. Probably the best example is Tamanu oil from French Polynesia. I’ve been using it since 2004, and love how my skin feels rejuvinated. I’ve been experimenting with skin creams since March 2020 with the SwissMixIt induction touch-free magnetic mixer with fantastic results. This one product will turn the cosmetics industry on end, by allowing DIY at-home formulations (saves money and provides a better quality product by using organic ingredients and less processing and less chemicals used in many commercial formulations). I have also been experimenting with anti-aging formulations with Astragalus, Black Seed, Hesperidin, Vitamin E Skin Creams, and Carnosine. These botanicals are great antioxidants, help maintain telomeres, and help with gene expression. Best of all, you can make these skin cream formulations at home.

Light Box: Developing a mini stage and studio for taking stunning professional images of products.

PowerBall Analyzer (updated January 2021 – Requires Filemaker Software or FilemakerGo for IOS): Filemaker Download PowerBall Analysis 2021(643 kb)

Pandemic Status: The most important thing you can do is self-quanantine, take vitamin D3, physical distance from others, and ventilate any indoor room when with others. That strategy will help get you through the pandemic. Vaccines should be available mid 2021. There is increasing science that indicates that hesperidin found in Citrus extracts and Black Seed may be a good prevention and mitigation strategy for Covid. On a personal level, I take a teaspoon of ground Black Seed with honey every day. I predict the huge wave for the USA will peak in January or February, then things will start returning to normal by mid to end of the year. The CDC has given enough regulation to basically prevent the cruise lines from operating in US waters until or after March 2021 (that was the original goal with the CDC no-sail orders, but political pressures forced the CDC to open cruising earlier, which was met with huge regulation hurdles which effectively prevented any cruise line from operating prior March 2021).


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