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Call Log Business Form

Goal: The goal of the log is to write down your daily activities, including a list of calls, exercise, meals, drinks, weight, weather, mood, and blood pressure. This allows you to track trends, and drill down on success, while analyzing low days (to make them better in the future). It also allows you to track success of weight loss or nutrition experiments. More important, you can look back in the past and identify routines that work well. At the end of the month scan into one .pdf file, then shred logs. Digital assets are easy to store. Need a customizable form ? (see below for more information).

Down Free Business Form (pdf): 20200214-call-log-form

How-to Use (pdf): 20200214-cruising-review-how-to-call-log)

Call Log Business Form


How-To Use Form


How To Customize This Form: We use Filemaker software as the backbone of our database solutions. We customize a file (solution) to user operability. If you would like to purchase this one-page solution, you will need to acquire Filemaker software (Mac/WIN and Mac IOS).

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