Content Creator Cockpit

Device Name: Content Creator Cockpit
Acrylic lasercut IOS Multi-Function Platform

Device Goal: Develop a multipurpose pilot kneeboard acrylic case for iPhone, which has integrated macro-button interface for YouTube, InstaGram, and content creators.

Device Use: Integrate iPhone with a push-button interface to provide a more useful and efficient method to build YouTube videos for creators. Other uses include a pilot kneeboard, gaming center, business center, Filemaker database solution input and management, watching movies, switching between applications on iphone, and better iPhone navigation and input while remote. Future applications include integrating multiple screens between MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad for studio realism on the road.

Why? Makes using clunky IOS keypads a thing of the past, it’s easy and fun to use, while streamlining building of your content. Fast and efficient methodology.