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Seed Germination using PEMF Dosing

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Home / Archives / Vol 3 No 1 2021 The Journal of Science and Medicine / Articles
SUBMITTED: 2021-01-24 DOI: 10.37714/JOSAM.V2I4.58 ARTICLES PUBLISHED: 2021-02-02
Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation - Part 4: Effect of PEMF on seed germination; evidence of triphasic inverse hormesis
Robert Dennis, Ph.D. +, Anna Tommerdahl+, Andromeda Dennis+
Our objectives were to study the effects of PEMF on a non-animal living system with a simple and unambiguous biomarker: seed germination rate. We selected seeds representing three groups: high- intermediate- and low-germination-rate seeds (lettuce, bell pepper, and strawberry, respectively). PEMF was applied at 15 pulses per second (pps or Hz) to strawberry and lettuce seeds, and 3 or 15 pps to bell pepper seeds, using only one well-defined PEMF pulse waveform shape and intensity. The only PEMF variables between groups were therefore PEMF pulse rate and total number of pulses, which was taken to be the PEMF dose, equivalent to the duration of exposure at a known pulse rate. In the case of lettuce, we studied the effects of germination using only one PEMF dose compared to no-dose (PEMF -) controls, and no interactions with other pre-planting procedures. In the case of strawberry seeds, we studied possible interactions between PEMF, pre-freezing and pre-soaking of seeds immediately before planting. For bell peppers, extensive dose-response curves are reported. Total dose was calculated as D = R * t, where R = pulse rate (pulses per second) and t = treatment duration (seconds), the product yielding D (dose, i.e. total number of pulses in the PEMF treatment). Bell pepper seeds have an intermediate germination rate that allows the possibility for large and commercially important swings in germination rate both up and down, so we attempted to construct a full spectrum dose-response curve, beginning with PEMF dosing thought

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