MSC Bellissima – Top Ten Reasons to Avoid This Ship

The MSC Bellissima is a ship with huge passenger capacity and huge problems. This is a perfect example of when too big is too much. These mega-class ships will be doomed, just as the A380 for Airbus. This article goes in-depth to why it doesn’t work well.

MSC Bellissima – Muscat Oman

Dysfunctional Ship Wednesday: Had Second and final meeting with guest services. We requested access to yacht club level for more space and better lunch options. Request was denied. They said that people were already complaining in yacht club level (that it was overcrowded and service issues). The emerging consensus is that when the ship is fully booked and cannot function properly. It is either understaffed or unable to meet design parameters of the ship. This is a management issue, or the ship is poorly designed and does not meet published capacity. If you cannot get yacht club level do not book on this ship, or you most likely will have a poor experience.

Sky Princess

Pre-Cruise | Princess Cruises – Sky Princess | Sunday | Port | Italy Sky Princess… Rome to Barcelona. Day 1 embarkation. Boarded around noon and explored the ship while cabin was getting prepared. Pro Tips: Pro-Tip: Register in advance for seamless walk-through onto the ship. No drones are allowed unfortunately. Tag luggage to have delivered […]