My Experience with getting Covid



I've been Covid free since the inception of the Pandemic in 2020.

Last Time I Was Sick: I did have some flu-like illness aboard the MSC Bellissima on a two week Gulf cruise in December 2019. One that cruise, during the second week of the cruise when new passengers arrived from Asia and North America, a sickness spread like a wave throughout the entire ship. One child and one adult died (but we don't know what from).

Diet: I have adopted a plant based diet in 2017. I do eat cheese and some meat products while traveling (sometimes unavoidable like in Switzerland). I do not drink alcohol when at home and only a few drinks when traveling.

Supplements: My typical supplements are Vitamin D, Blackseed oil, Zinc, K2, and Magnesium.

Infused Oils and Skin Creams: I regularly make my own and use my own infused oil and skin creams which include Tamanu oil (mainly for the face), Zinc skin cream (for skin tags), and Blackseed oil (feet, legs and arms).

Note: This blog on my Covid infecction was what I experienced. This should not be considered medical advice. If you feel sick, please contact you medical professionals. If you have trouble breathing call 911 in the USA.

SwissMixIt DIY Infused Oils and Skin Creams


How I Got Infected

I live in a highrise condo building in Downtown Madison, Wisconsin (USA) with 175 units. The building was built in 2001-2003 and has a positive pressure HVAC system, which pumps in air from the outside into ducts in the hallways, and then goes into the individual condo units under and around the doors. If you run your bathroom vents, this increases the negative pressure, and increases the flow from the hallway into the condo units.

Since it is the middle of winter, and we're in the midst of our Omicron wave here in Wisconsin, I decided to just hunker down in my condo all week.

There were some social media posts about residents walking in the hallways unmasked (instead of walking outdoors). We have a mask mandate in our county, which requires masks in any public area.

Sometime between Tuesday and Friday, the highly infectious Omicon entered my unit from an infected occupant in the hallway.

Ginger skin cream which I made to help with splitting headaches

Ginger skin cream which I made to help with splitting headaches

Friday Day 1 of the Symptoms and Day 2 since Infection

On Friday of that week, I started getting a sore throat and dull headache.

I'm guessing the infection happened two days earlier.

Again, I was in my condo unit all week, trying to avoid the Omicron wave that hit Wisconsin and Madison.

That Friday, I was able to do all the normal work and workouts that I normally do.


Saturday Day 2 of the Symptoms and Day 4 since Infection

On Saturday, the infection quickly ramped up.

I started getting a fever, headaches, and body (joint aches).

I started increasing my Vit D supplementation.

By that evening, it was a full blown flu.

Other symptoms included a lower backache.

The sore throat wasn't too bad, but the backache, body aches, and headaches were awful.

Even though I want to bed early, it was virtually impossible to sleep.

I never get headaches, so experiencing splitting headaches was pretty awful.


Sunday Day 3 of the Symptoms and Day 5 Since Infection

On Sunday morning, I took a at-home Covid test, which confirmed Covid positive. I did not get out of bed until 10am.

The splitting headaches were awful. I applied Blackseed oil on my head, and drank Ginger tea, which seemed to help.

I only took one aspirin, which did not help.

The entire day the lower backache got worse.

My O2 monitor was showing 90-93 percent, but I was not having any problems breathing.

Supplements for the day included Magnesium, Vit D (extra doses), and a Oregano oil capsule.

By evening, my blood pressure was 145/95 (typically around 120-130 and 75-85.

After watching a movie, went to bed at 10pm.

All night could not sleep due to the awful lower backache and splitting headache.


Monday Day 4 of the Symptoms and Day 6 Since Infection

On Monday morning got out of bed around 9am, with zero energy, or ambition to do anything.

Started to generate lots of mucus and coughing up phlegm.

Lower back ache was still prevailing.

Splitting headache was awful. Make hot Ginger tea, which seemed to help. Took an aspirin, which has little effect.

For lunch took Zinc, Vit D, Vit K, Oregano Oil Capsule, and teaspoon of cold pressed Blackseed oil. Ate high fiber black bean, garbanzo bean, and lentil soup. Had some prunes and an orange.

O2: 92 and pulse 104 bpm while BP was 122/85.

Took afternoon nap. Felt much better after nap. No lower back ache (bowel movement) and headache is under control. Made Ginger infused oil for head, and once again made Green tea and Ginger tea (which seems to help the best).

After nap O2: 92 percent and 102 bpm while blood pressure was 123/86.

Theory of killing invaders in gut (by using Oregano oil capsule) and moving things out of bowels (using high fiber fruit and legumes) seems to be working quite well. Please see the immunologist interview on the next segment.

Energy level is slowly returning.

Still can see veins popping out of temples on head (indicating higher blood pressure and pulse).

Some sore throat, but not bad.

Starting to cough more, and mucus is still present, but not as bad as before.

For afternoon work and workout, applied Blackseed oil and Oregano oil extract on bottom of feet, legs, and arms. Tamanu oil on face. Ginger oil infusion and Zinc skin cream on head.


Interesting Connection Between Lungs and Gut Interaction with Covid

One interesting interview I found regarding Covid was from the Dr. Campbell interview of a immunologiest, Professor Clancym from Australia.

The 1957 Flu outbreak had a vaccine developed in 5 months.

There is a connection between the lungs and the gut.


Covid infection like influenza, is a infection mucosal surface of the airways.

Once Covid moves to the gas exchange of the lung, you get very sick. If you keep it on the mucosal surface then you're fine, but when it moves into the (compartment), then that is when you get sick, which becomes a systemic response.

Mucosal immune system is similar to the systemic system. Lungs have one job to absorb oxygen and remove CO2. The gut does the work. We swallow a cup of lung waste every day. When it's more than that, that's when we get sick. It all goes to the gut.

Virus goes into the small bowel, then it goes back to the lungs. You swallow the virus or bacterial, which is recognized by your intestinal tract, and the cells roundtrips to the lungs, where you generate a immune response. Please watch the video for a more clear understanding.

Covid is a mucosal disease, by the gastro intestinal tract.

He developed a vaccine for bronchitus. If you can inactivate the bacteria, then you could prevent or reduce sickness. At ages over 65, the immune response is much slower, that is why it is more dangerous for older people.

YouTube Interview


Tuesday Day 5 of the Symptoms and Day 7 Since Infection

Another long night of little to no sleep.

Wake up BP was 122/83 72

Wake up O2: 92 percent and pulse 100

Ginger Tea reduced headaches, which was great, but now the Covid is in the cold symptom phase (lots of mucus, stuffy nose, coughing).

Taste and smell are slowly returning.

Still some body (joint) aches, but almost gone.

Dull headache.

Taking Ginger Tea this morning.

Took 1 teaspoon of liquid Blackseed oil.

Appearance of small blood blister on ear.

O2 meter last night was running 89-92 percent.

This morning O2 meter is 90-93 percent.

Overall energy level is up, but still low attention level.

Last night had fever and chills. Brought in space heater into bedroom to balance heat.

Morning was a bit nautious.

Supplements, including B12, Magnesium, Vit D and K2.

For lunch had high fiber Black beans, Lentils, and Garbanzo beans, banana, prunes and a orange.

After afternoon nap, little mucus, slept great, and feeling much better. Now not coughing and little to none runny nose.

After nap O2 was 92 and pulse was 100. Today the pulse was at or above 100 with little activity.

After nap BP was 116/80 82

After nap hot green tea, black tea, and ginger tea. Also applied ginger infused oil on head to help control headaches.

Light dinner.

O2: 92 percent Pulse: 90

BP: 134/90 81

To sleep around 11:30 pm.


Wednesday Day 6 of the Symptoms and Day 8 Since Infection

Could not fall asleep because of stuffed up nose.

3am Claratin. Did not take effect until 7am.

Virtually no sleep.


Body aches are virtually done, as is fever (in the morning). Energy level slowly returning.

Green tea, black tea, and ginger tea for morning start.

Wuhan cough started yesterday, more pronounced in the morning.

Still low energy and ambition (for work stuff).

Light lunch.

Was able to actually sleep for a short while for afternoon nap.

BP 121/88 81. O2: 93 percent.

Light dinner.


Thursday Day 7 of the Symptoms and Day 9 Since Infection

Night prior got a few hours of sleep, which is substantial compared to other nights.

BP: 121/87 73

O2: 91-93 percent

Coughing at night, and some sharp headache spikes, but nothing of any length. Every few hours awoke to take a few sips of ginger tea, to keep a lid on any potential headaches.

This morning some coughing, but far less mucus production and little to none sinus pressure.

Very low energy and still low attentiol span.

Morning had green tea, black tea, and ginger tea. Oregano oil with carrier oil on bottom of feet.

Oregano oil capsule and Blackseed oil for lunch. Light lunch.


BP: 122/85 76

O2: 93-95 percent.

Afternoon overall feeling much better. Coughing has diminished.

Green tea. Black tea. Ginger tea.

Light dinner.

BP: 136/88 80

O2: 94 percent

Not much coughing in the evening.


Friday Day 8 of the Symptoms and Day 10 Since Infection

Night prior headaches. Little sleep.

Some coughing and sinus pressure, runny nose.

Morning BP: 121/85 62

O2: 95 percent.

Tired. Low energy. Overall feeling well except for lack of sleep and headaches.

Green tea. Black tea. Ginger tea. Made ginger infused oil into skin cream for experimenting with applying topically directly to headaches. It works.

Morning was good. Low amibition.

Standard lunch. No supplements.


BP after nap: 120/81 71

O2: 95 percent


Summary of my Experience with Covid

I applied common sense to all my travels, preparations, and trying to avoid Covid. At the end, it got me at home. Living in a high-rise building is a bad idea during a pandemic. While I was vaccinated, the one-dose Johnson and Johnson was probably ineffective almost 10 months after the injection. The worst part of getting Covid were the splitting headaches, the degree to which I have never experienced. Ginger tea was the saving grace. I even experimented and made a topical skin cream from Ginger to apply directly to the headaches, which really helped.

DIY Ginger Skin Cream for Headaches


Follow Up

Two weeks after (10 Feb 2022). A few weeks after getting Covid, here are the lingering effects.

Symptoms from most prevalent to least.

Headaches: dull temple and behind the eyes pressure headaches. Not as severe as the initial splitting headaches.

Sinus Pressure: runny nose, and stuffy nose when sleeping. Best symptom remedy: saline (salt) nasal wash.

Brain Fog: Combination of dull headache, disorientation, lack of ambition, low retention rate.

Weight gain after weight loss: Without regular exercise, and good heart rate exercise, all weight lost during Covid, has been regained.

Attention Span and ambition: Poor for work, but off the charts great for cleaning, organizing, sorting, and menial tasks. In other words, now is the time to clean your living space, and get it organized. Do the things you hate doing when you're feeling well.

Shortness of breath: While I have not had any noticeable shortness of breath or breathing issues, I have not been at cabin altitude (8,000-10,000 ft) on a flight, or hiking, or biking (typically when on vacation or when it is warmer outside).


Follow Up 20220222

A month after (22 Feb 2022). A month after getting Covid, here are the lingering effects.

I am assuming they call this long Covid.

Symptoms from most prevalent to least.

Throat ache: Trouble swallowing. Achy throat. Distressed talking. There is still some cough, and mucus production.

Headaches: dull temple and behind the eyes, some sinus, forehead and temple pressure headaches. Not as severe as the initial splitting headaches. Applying topical Ginger skin cream (I make DIY - see link below).

Sinus Pressure: Some, but not as prevalent as before. Best symptom remedy: saline (salt) nasal wash.

Brain Fog: Combination of dull headache, disorientation, lack of ambition, low retention rate.

Attention Span and ambition: Poor for work, but off the charts great for cleaning, organizing, sorting, and menial tasks. In other words, now is the time to clean your living space, and get it organized. Do the things you hate doing when you're feeling well. Occasionally have bouts for off-the-charts creativity and inventiveness.

Shortness of breath: Every now and then have slight shortness of breath.

Current Supplements and Botanicals: With the appearance of the difficulty of swallowing, I'm reinstating by Covid fighting strategy which includes:

1. Oregano Oil: On feet (skin cream) and Oregano oil capsule once a day.

2. Blackseed Oil: Teaspoon a day with one teaspoon of Strawberry extract (makes everything taste better and great for blood vessels).

3. Black Tea: Now adding to my wake up morning Green tea.

4. Vitamin D: Best application is going outside for a walk, but if it's winter, try the D supplements.

Ginger Skin Cream DIY (link)


Follow Up 20220228

Long Covid.

Saw some research on DW German TV documentary for German inspired BC 007, which is an experimental solution for Long Covid. BC 007 was successfully used for the treatment of a Long Covid Patient. G protein-coupled receptors in patients with persistent Long-COVID-19 symptoms.

Did a search for any similar botanical with similar remedy effects, and came up with Berberine (see link below). Berberine containing plants have been traditionally used in different parts of the world for the treatment of inflammatory disorders, skin diseases, wound healing, reducing fevers, affections of eyes, treatment of tumors, digestive and respiratory diseases, and microbial pathologies. The physico-chemical properties of berberine contribute to the high diversity of extraction and detection methods. Additionally, many clinical and experimental studies suggest that berberine has several pharmacological properties, such as immunomodulatory, antioxidative, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, and renoprotective effects.

I ordered some Barberry extract and will make some skin cream to test. Also ordered some Barberry capsules for the same.

Autoantibodies Targeting G-Protein-Coupled Receptors Improves Capillary Impairment and Fatigue Symptoms After COVID-19 Infection (link)

Case Report: Neutralization of Autoantibodies Targeting G-Protein-Coupled Receptors Improves Capillary Impairment and Fatigue Symptoms After COVID-19 Infection

Berberine: Botanical Occurrence, Traditional Uses, Extraction Methods, and Relevance in Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Hepatic, and Renal Disorders

Berberine in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: From Mechanisms to Therapeutics


Follow Up 20220326

Long Covid. March 26, 2022 update.

Still have headaches, trouble sleeping, lack of ambition and motivation, and trouble focussing.

Trouble with any kind of weight loss.

Attention span with any kind of work is limited.

Trying multiple botanical solutions with limited short term success.


Follow Up 18 May 2022

Long Covid. May 18, 2022 update.

The three week trip through Europe and a cruise was good, but not great. Found that getting rest and sleep is critical for a good day. I'm notorious for extreme fast paced travel, and it did not have good results (just super tired, headaches, feeling overwhelmed, etc.).

Took a full two weeks when returned from trip to get back to normal. The biggest issue is just sitting down too much (train and airline travel).

My daily routine (with late spring and summer temperatures with sunshine) is now biking 2.5 hours a day and trying to get out for daily walks.

The sunshine is very helpful. The biking seems to have the best results, oddly enough.

Still have some headaches, sleeping has improved, lack of ambition and motivation are slowly going away, and focussing is becoming much better.

My mental capacity of inventing, problem solving, and memory are finally improving. Much of this has happened since I started biking a few weeks ago.

I cannot stress the importance of biking. For whatever reason, it has brought me more than anything back to a more normal life.

My daily vitamin or supplements are nothing, or some B12, Alamine, and Magnesium.

I do daily red light therapy for my eyes, ache joints (knees), and any feet pain (biking or overuse stress).

My diet while traveling is horrible. Lots of pizza, soda, gelato, and cheese.

My diet at home is skipping breakfast (interrmittant fasting), healthy lunch (rice, beans, avocado, walnuts, tomatoes, water, fuit, and sometimes pita bread with honey or jam), and healthy dinner (rice or salad, walnuts, seeds, blueberries, pineapple, oatmeal for dessert, and dates).


Follow Up 20 May 2022

Long Covid. May 20, 2022 update.

There seems to be some literature which now suggests that Long Covid symptoms are the result of how Covid has effected Mast cells. The result is producing too much histimine, which would explain my new reaction to springtime pollen and allergies.

See article below (Hyper-inflammation caused by COVID-19 may be mediated by mast cell activation (MCA) which has also been hypothesized to cause Long-COVID (LC) symptoms.)

There are a few other links below.

Botanical equivalents which hemp with GERD (just happens to be the same to reduce histimine - see article on famotidine):

Antioxidants (A, C, and E), turmeric (take with black pepper), peppermint, chamomile, licorice root, milk thistle, ginger root, Melatonin, and Blackseed oil.

Want to aggrevate Long Covid (and GERD) ? Then keep smoking, drinking, consuming large meals, wearing tight clothing and trigger foods like fatty, and fried foods. Foods don't contain histamine, but they may trigger it.

Best results take time. This is not an immediate result.

Here is a good article on histamine:

How the low histamine diet works and what to eat

Mast cell activation symptoms are prevalent in Long-COVID

The Complex Interplay between Immunonutrition, Mast Cells, and Histamine Signaling in COVID-19

Mast cells activated by SARS-CoV-2 release histamine which increases IL-1 levels causing cytokine storm and inflammatory reaction in COVID-19

Famotidine (Pepcid) Activates the Vagus Nerve to Reduce Cytokine Storm in COVID-19, New Study Shows


Blackseed Oil

Blackseed oil contains Thermomyquine.

See link below for Amazon (where to buy).

Blackseed Oil Information

Buy Now: via Amazon Blackseed oil


Eat Fiber

Skip meat, cheese, and anything that is like glue in your intestines (gluten bread) and delays movement through your bowels.

Fruits (especially prunes) and legumes (black beans, garbanzo beans, lentils). These are rich in nutrients, phytonutrients, and protein.

Fiber Information


Ginger Tea

Drink ginger tea for headaches.

I start my day with green and black tea as well.

Ginger Information

Buy Now: via Amazon Ginger Root


Oregano Oil

Oregano oil capsule (for consumption).

Oregano extract with carrier oil to apply to bottom of feet.

Oregano Oil Information

Buy Now: via Amazon Oregano Oil Capsule


Oxygen Monitor

O2 monitor to keep track of your oxygen level.

Log your daily statistics.

Buy Now: O2 Monitor via Amazon


If Conditions are Bad Consult your Medical Professional

If you can't breath, call 911.

If you have any questions, call your nurse or doctors office for advice.


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