Our Experience with the Swiss Covid Certificate

Example of a QR Code for Swiss Covid Certificate (Switzerland September 2021)

Example of a QR Code for Swiss Covid Certificate (Switzerland September 2021)

Our Experience with the Swiss Covid Certificate (no longer required after Feb 17 2022)

It was with great anxiety that we started our vacation in Switzerland arriving on Monday 13 September 2021, which is when the Swiss Covid Certificate was required in resorts, restaurants, and other venues.

While I emailed in advance the resorts for advice, replies were slow to come back, so we got a free rapid Covid test when we landed in Geneva at Terminal 2 (free).

Much to my dismay, since the USA does not have a QR code for our vaccines, our manually, paper authenticated vaccine cards were not accepted in Switzerland. Only QR code vaccine documentation was allowed.

To get into restaurants (and other indoor venues such as museums), your Swiss Covid Certificate QR code is scanned and authenticated (verified valid). In Zermatt, we were not allowed to sit inside on multiple occasions.

Before we departed Zermatt, we visited the local doctors office to pay 80 CHF each, to get a rapid test, which is valid for two days. A PCR test (around 140 CHF each and results not available for a day) was good for 3 days.

When at the Burgenstock, we got tested at the on-site WaldHotel for 100 CHF each (rapid test), which was also good for our travel (flight) home on Swiss. We had to show the email pdf document (they would not scan the QR code at the airport). At the resort, they scanned the QR code prior entry to a restaurant or bar. Supposedly, we were supposed to get a green dot on our room key, but they forgot. The option without the QR code is to eat in your room.

This information is valid for September 2021. Of course it may change.

Example of a QR Code for Swiss Covid Certificate

All you need to know about the Swiss Covid Certificate

Coronavirus: COVID certificate

Swiss Covid Certificate - API documentation


Traveling To Switzerland

The following items must be completed 48 hours prior to arrival:

Swiss Entry Form (see below).

If you are fully vaccinated, you can enter without restrictions.

If you do not have a Swiss Covid certificate or EU Digital COVID Certifcate, you can apply for a Swiss Covid certificate. For more information, see the Covid Certificate page.

In a transitional phase until 24 October 2021, all foreign vaccination certificates for EMA-approved vaccines and licensed products containing these vaccines will be valid for access to events or facilities requiring a COVID certificate.

From the week of 18 October 2021, you can apply for the COVID certificate using an online form. The canton where you are resident or staying will issue the certificate. Swiss Entry form

Travel Check to Enter Switzerland

Swiss Covid Certificate Information

Swiss Covid Info


Obtaining the Swiss Covid Certificate in English via the Canton of Geneva

You can obtain a Swiss Covid Certifcate (the coveted QR Code) if you have the patience to wade through the websites.

I recommend Geneva, since they have an English version, which is easy to navigate. You will need the following:

1. Document of vaccination (completed doses).

2. Document of your ID (suggest passport).

3. Copy of reservation or receipt in the Canton of Geneva, which may include a hotel reservation, flight, or train ticket. Covid Certificate for Vaccinated Persons

Canton of Geneva English Covid Certificate Application

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