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Need to get organized ? We are now making available our software apps to travel bloggers. Based on Filemaker platform (Mac, Windows, and Mac IOS Filemaker Go), we have developed some industry specific apps that will increase your efficiency, reduce time, and give you valuable heads-up time while doing reviews, blogs, and video blogs. #travel #blogger #vlogger #digitalnomad #worktravel #ai

Digital nomad online course available:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) versus Intelligent Reasoning (IR):

With all the excitement about AI (artificial intelligence), the clamoring presents lots of noise based on greed. AI is simply machine learning used to improve an algorithm (methodology to deploy machine reasoning). All this sounds really exciting, except when you realize that the motivation is primarily greed (i.e. making money for the deployer). Basically it is how fast a computer (in this case most likely an App) using addictive based behavior models, sucking time and money from your pocketbooks. Instead, we use a new brand of thinking, called Intelligent Reasoning. Based on self-improvement (common-sense) motivation (time savings) our Apps and solutions are designed around a concentric you (health, time, and well-being). Our methodology is based on saving you time, and making you as efficient as possible, to spend less time in front of a screen (whether it’s a iPhone or portable), which reduces carpal tunnel syndrome, microwave radiation, etc. This type of methodology might seem counter-intuitive for greed based mongrels, but allows you more heads-up time for traveling and enjoying life. Build your user experience based on more robust productive information, in less time.

Methodology: Becoming more of a common theme now is streamlining travel, business, and the way things are done. Seamless travel is the core thread of time, to better your experience, while enhancing your time and money. Our focus is on target to reduce time on your devices, and get you back into the experience. Streamlining is now how I run my multiple businesses, and is the infrastructure which allows me to do more, with less. I apply this strategy from everything from packing and luggage hacks, to putting my entire office on my iPhone 11 Pro (using Filemaker solutions that I have developed below). The methodology allows me to quickly and efficiently build structured InstaGram and YouTube posts, while optimizing keywords and ranking. The ultimate reward is higher views, content, and subscribers (all while saving time which gets me back into enjoying travel). Forget Artificial Intelligence, use Intelligent Reasoning instead. Your mind is more powerful than the universe. Use it.

Here are a few examples:

Travel Database (email request for sample)

StoryBoard App: Really simple (unlocked) Filemaker Go app to organize your video story. Runs on your iPhone (IOS).

Download here:


Health Log Strategy: Click to download Filemaker Solution (1.7 MB)



Tagzgen InstaGram App: Designed for iPhone X, this app allows you to compose Instagram captions and tags quickly, efficiently, and allows you to track posting. Now in second year of beta testing. Soon to be updated with YouTube captions and comments section. All the pepe.g6 Instagram posts are done with this app. Download here for iPhone and iPad

Search Engine Spider Link Back App: Designed to provide link backs and highly visible search engine spider accessibility which allows your website to get better page ranking, or InstaGram viewers, etc. (8 year beta testing). We use this app with most of our websites and it generates huge amounts of views and great Google page ranking. Any example of our newest ventures are with SwissMixIT. The publications page has pdfs which are rendered with links and populated with data that link back to the site. See here for demo:

Solar Panel Selector for Solar Electric Ship AirBNB: This solution was designed to help select solar panels, including discounted buy links. Download here for Mac/PC (Filemaker Software required) and Filemaker GO

Solar FM | Solar Panel Selector

Need an App Developed ? We are database experts, and have developed software solutions for desktop computers, and IOS devices using the Filemaker platform.

For Developers:

    • Filemaker Database Platform:

Filemaker Website

    • Filemaker Mobile Platform:

iPhone, iPad, IOS Website

    • Filemaker Plug-in:

Extend Filemaker Capabilities with Monkey Bread Software Plug-ins

    Software for iPhone, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows with Xojo, C/C++/Objective-C, AppleScript, Java, Perl, PHP and HTML. Monkeybread Software uses Xojo for software development. Along with a few free and shareware titles, we offer custom software development and plug-ins for FileMaker, Xojo, Real Studio and REALbasic.


Filemaker Example Downloads

(free public versions – do not re-distribute – copyrighted Global Energy LLC)

TagzGen for Instagram Posting Captions (November 2019 release) includes basic InstaGram posting and Travel Log Generator: FileMaker Download –

TagzGen for Instagram Posting Captions (Feb 2019 release): Filemaker Download – Tagzgen Instagram Post Creator – 610 kb – for iPhone 6s and X and 11 Pro

Business Forms: Filemaker Download

Inventor Template: Filemaker Download Inventor Template 2.1 mb

PowerBall Analyzer (2017): Filemaker Download PowerBall Analysis 2017 1 mb

PowerBall Analyzer (updated January 2021): Filemaker Download PowerBall Analysis 2021(643 kb)

Nikola Tesla Patents: Filemaker Download Nikola Tesla Patents 193.9 mb

Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle Calculator: Filemaker Download Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle Calculator 651 kb

Heat Rate: Filemaker Download: Heat Rate ORC 176 kb

Health Daily Log:

This solution runs on Filemaker Desktop software, or FilemakerGo app, which is available on the iTunes store (free).

  1. Download the trial version of Filemaker, or open on your existing Filemaker. Or download the free FilemakerGo app from the Apple Store.
  2. Click to download the solution – open in your desktop Filemaker or iPhone FilemakerGo.
  3. The solution is designed for Mac OS computer screens. It will work with Windows (different screen fonts may distort layout and spacing) and on IOS iPhone and iPad, but not optimized for that screen size.
  4. The solution is in beta, and unsupported. This is a free version.
  5. For any comments, please email


Health Log Strategy: Click to download Filemaker Solution (1.7 MB) Try to use nutrition as the methodolgy, as presented in the book, How Not To Die.