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2003 Date: 1/13/2003

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The Motu is a deserted island stop for the Paul Gauguin (pronounced "Go Gan"), and is one of the most idyllic tropical islands. Surrounded by a reef system, the calm and shallow waters change color by the minute depending on the mood of the Sun and clouds. Palm trees arcing over the waters picture frames this little section of paradise. The days newsletter is to the right, click on it to read it.

This Motu is as close to paradise as you're going to get !
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Couples, a few singles, families. Most have cruised before, and most rank Silversea the best, followed by Radisson. Seaborne ships are too small for most, but the service is excellent. Most heard comment-- charge more for cruise, but no sign and pay (option).

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Motu Services

If somebody ever asks if you spent a day in paradise, this is it. Sugary white sand beaches, shaded from arching coconut palm trees, and a clear blue sky above. On the Motu, expect on-the-water refreshment service from a unique floating bar. On the beach, you are served a tropical buffet with a variety of foods and freshly cut fruits. Available on the beach are sea kayaks and be sure to bring your snorkeling gear along (check out from the marina before you leave the ship)


Dinner at L'Etoile which was excellent. Sat with Gabriella, Gaby and Aldonza. Mike the cruise director had a show this evening and sang a number of Broadway hits. One would wonder with such talent, why he isn't actually in Broadway. He has an excellent voice and the show is fun. I have a feeling the sometime soon a producer type will be on the ship and will sign him immediately.

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