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Rice Sugar Diet Botanical Information

In the late 1930 s, Dr. Walter Kempner of Duke University introduced the rice diet as therapy for renal failure and hypothesized that we could radically alter the patients diets and thereby save lives.

The rice diet was high in complex carbohydrates, consisting mainly of rice and fruit, and low in fat, protein (< 20 g/day) and sodium (< 150 mg/day).

He first demonstrated its effectiveness in a diabetic, hypertensive patient with renal and congestive heart failure: post intervention, this patient exhibited decreased cardiac silhouette size as measured by chest X-ray, normalization of a left ventricular strain pattern on ECG, and improvement in hypertensive retinopathy.

Similarly, in his first cohort of hypertensive patients, 107 of 192 patients demonstrated marked improvement, including decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, retinopathy, and cardiac silhouette size.

Despite his findings, Kempner's work was not widely accepted by the scientific community, which favored randomized control trials to substantiate these findings. We believe that consuming a diet that is mostly or exclusively plant-based appears prudent for the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

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