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Jet Charter in Europe

On a recent cruise, our group chartered a small business jet from Barcelona to Zurich. #barcelona #privatejet #zurich #pilot #aviation #jetexperience Not only was it super convenience, but an amazing experience. Why Charter A Jet? Most locations in Europe are an easy 1.5 hour flight or less point to point. Chartering a jet provides a very economical way for 6 people to travel First Class, avoiding airport hassle of long lines and waits. It also provides a customized service to your destination direct. In this case, we were leaving the cruise ship on a Sunday, and wanted to spend a few days at the Burgenstock Resort near Lucerne, Switzerland. There is actually an airport next to the resort, but unfortunately closed on the weekends, so we had to fly into Zurich, then take a van (weather was not good enough for a helicopter transfer) to the resort. For all your jet needs, please contact: Gilbert Mindren / Jet Charter Specialist Email: Gilbert Mindren <g.mindren@d-jet.aero> Tel. +41 22 788 6880 Mobile +41 79 611 7741 www.d-jet.aero cruisingreview-cruise-2474 20191117-cruising-review-charter-jet-0120191117-cruising-review-charter-jet-02 cruisingreview-cruise-2448cruisingreview-cruise-2676cruisingreview-cruise-2501cruisingreview-cruise-2449cruisingreview-cruise-2488cruisingreview-cruise-2576cruisingreview-cruise-2549cruisingreview-cruise-2617cruisingreview-cruise-2571cruisingreview-cruise-2606cruisingreview-cruise-2604cruisingreview-cruise-2639cruisingreview-cruise-2422cruisingreview-cruise-2543cruisingreview-cruise-2623cruisingreview-cruise-2637cruisingreview-cruise-2627cruisingreview-cruise-2469cruisingreview-cruise-2534cruisingreview-cruise-2457cruisingreview-cruise-2446cruisingreview-cruise-2691

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