Hotels Com Fake Reviews

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Hotels com has fake or unverifiable reviews

Hotels.com: No add review link available. They have fake reviews, or unable to track where they come from. I called Hotels.com and they were unable to provide me with a review link, nor sources of their fake reviews. Hotels.com is part of Expedia, so beware.

From another TripAdvisor:

My experience was awful too! I’m still upset at how my family was treated. My review is titled Mess! Which it was. Supposedly, they are crediting my food and beverage. Their staff was the rudest I’ve ever encountered and my husband and I travel all over the world. It was shocking. Hope you get some credits back to your overall bill. I called Fairmont corporate and filed a formal report. Best of luck!

I used the United (airlines) link via hotels.united.com to get the points, but it was a big mistake.

You can't trust their reviews and if you call them to ask about the reviews, nobody at Hotels.com can give you an answer.

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