Price Differences in Booking Hotels for Children versus Adult Occupants

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Price Differences in Booking Hotels for Children versus Adults

When booking hotels, the pricing structures for children and adults often exhibit variations that reflect the accommodation industry's considerations of occupancy, amenities, and services. Generally, hotel pricing for children and adults differs due to factors such as age, room capacity, and the provision of extra amenities.

For adults, hotel pricing usually follows a standard model, where the room rate is based on the number of occupants and the level of luxury or room type chosen. Adult guests are generally considered as full-paying occupants, and the room rate will remain consistent regardless of the age of the guest.

In contrast, the pricing for children tends to be more nuanced. Many hotels offer reduced rates for children, especially when they share a room with paying adults. The age range considered for child pricing can vary; some hotels classify children up to 12 years old as such, while others extend the range to 17 years old. Hotels may offer different rates based on the child's age and may have specific child-friendly amenities or bedding arrangements.

Hotels also consider whether a child requires an extra bed, which could incur additional charges. Some hotels provide complimentary cribs or rollaway beds, while others may charge a fee for an extra bed. This is often determined by the hotel's policies and the room's capacity.

It's important to note that the specifics of pricing can vary widely from one hotel to another and may depend on the destination, the hotel's target audience, and the amenities provided. Families planning to book hotels should review the hotel's policy on child pricing and any associated costs to make an informed decision based on their unique needs and preferences.

Hilton Resort Dalaman Turkey

30 percent increase when booking with a child. Just book as an adult.

This has got to be one of the great scams of Hilton hotels. Deplorable.

On one resort stay, the two night stay was increased by $1,000 because occupant with mom was booked with a child instead of an adult.

Beau Rivage Weggis Switzerland

Unable to book two rooms with one child in a room. Or prices were significantly higher. Just book all adults.

Had to use Expedia.

Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport

No difference.


Depends on hotel or resort. Compare booking as adult versus child.

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