HyperTravel Zermatt May 28 2022

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How To HyperTravel

Overall, here is a guide:

1. Research the best all-around value. For example in Switzerland, it's the Swiss Travel Pass (only available to tourists).

2. How much time is available ? The pass is available in minimum amounts of three days (consecutive or flex with added charge).

3. Which Class ? Always book the better value which is second class, then do segment class upgrades at 50 percent off with Swiss Pass.

4. Check the weather.

5. Establish a hub.

6. Goals of travel experience. What do you want out of travel?

7. Cluster sites. Streamline your boat or rail travel by grouping site visits. For example, in Lucerne you can start with Klewenalp, then visit Mt. Rigi, then Stanserhorn. Look up lift passes or museums which are included to prioritize.

8. Site experience. Use your iPhone to research lifts and sites on-the-go.

9. Small daypack. Use a small daypack for your raincoat, water, snacks, and device charger.

10. Health. HyperTravel is a workout for your body. With lots of train travel, sitting is the worst for your joints and back. Try to stand as much as possible and do a mini workout prior to departure for the day. During the day, drink Cranberry juice, eat antioxidant food like walnuts, blueberries, and flax. The eye candy of this mode of travel is the experienct. Pick up food on the go at local shops, then eat while on the rail.

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