Swiss Alps By Helicopter

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1f7haO3mdY&w=560&h=315] AMAZING SWISS ALPS BY HELICOPTER: Tour the Matterhorn Mountain with Air Zermatt #swiss #matterhorn #helicopter #alps #airzermatt Epic aerial footage of the top of the Matterhorn by helicopter. See the stunning views you can only get from Air Zermatt. If you ever visit the charming Swiss village of Zermatt, we recommend staying at the Riffelalp Resort (high above the village mid way up the Gornergrat) and taking a helicopter tour of the Swiss alps. I have even chartered Air Zermatt to fly me directly to the Burgenstock Resort in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Please subscribe on YouTube and help us put up more stunning videos of helicopter and jet charters, along with luxury resorts. Pro Tips:  Shot on the iPhone 11 Pro. Short video edited on FilmR (iPhone 11 Pro) and then into DaVinci Resolve for adding music. For travel tips visit our website at Cruising Review. Cruising Review travels the world to capture the best sunsets, resorts, cruises, and experiences. CR provides factual reviews. If a guest experience goes wrong, we try to work with the staff to remedy the poor experience. We do this to encourage systematic change (we don't do it for free stays, points, or any reimbursement). We are very transparent in our reviews, and hope you appreciate that, since your time and money are valuable assets. Most travelers have limited time, and want to spend it enjoying the experience, not dealing with experience or infrastructure issues. Pepe.G6  Helicopter Aerial Footage  Swiss Alps  Email: greg@cruisingreview.com  Website: https://cruisingreview.com  [Post Date: 1/31/2020 / Local Time: 12:43:26 PM / ]  

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