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Sugar Botanical Information

Sugars and risk of mortality in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study: Investigation of consumption of sugars by source showed that the positive association with mortality risk was confined only to sugars from beverages, whereas the inverse association was confined to sugars from solid foods.

Conclusions: In this large prospective study, total fructose intake was weakly positively associated with all-cause mortality in both women and men, whereas added sugar, sucrose, and added sucrose intakes were inversely associated with other-cause mortality in men. In our analyses, intake of added sugars was not associated with an increased risk of mortality.

Cytoprotective and antioxidant activity studies of jaggery sugar: Sugars, often called culinary sugars (used in cooking) are an important foodstuff consumed all over the world, and are manufactured either from sugarcane (70%) or sugar beet (30 percent). Its consumption remains high despite increase in synthetic sweeteners, and has become an essential nutrient in the world diet for its nutritional, sweetening and preservative properties. The antioxidant activity as evaluated by DPPH radical scaveng- ing ability, reducing power and protection to DNA damage induced by hydroxyl radicals also showed the dominant antioxidant poten- tial of the jaggery and brown sugar.

The literature data on the availability of phenolic components in sugarcane juice and their antioxidant activity. From our investigation, the presence of cytoprotective and antiox- idant activity in jaggery and brown sugar may encourage their use for sweetening as well as for nutraceutical benefits.

Keywords: sugars, mortality, sugar beverages increase mortality, jaggery sugar, Jaggery, Ayurveda, Vitamins, Cane juice, Jaggery Sugar, Muffins, Rheological characteristics, Storage studies, Advanced glycation end products, Aging, Glycation, Herbal products, Physical exercise, cancer, anticancer agents, drug targeting, drug conjugation, Warburg effect, glucose, glycoside, glucose conjugate, glycoconjugate

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