Burgenstock Booking Tips for Burgenstock Complex and WaldHotel

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Burgenstock Overview for Booking

The Burgenstock Resort above Lucerne, Switzerland has one of the worst online booking engines, and it generally more expensive than booking through a consolidator like Expedia or Hotels.com

Hard to believe this world class resort (my all-time favorite) still feels the need to supply snacks and alcohol for purchase in the room (at crazy expensive prices). This nickle-and-dime approach may work for lesser quality hotels, but certainly not this one.

Since 2017, the Burgenstock has rapidly increased prices (at least 50-90 percent) and still charges for in-room bar and other goodies.

WaldHotel: Do not accept a room on the fifth floor. They smell bad. Expect a blocked view from the exterior timber on most floors. Try any floor above the 5th floor.

WorldClass Spa Experience: As of May, the Burgenstock is now charging 250 CHF for access to the Burgenstock spa area to Palace and WaldHotel guests. Prior it was 100 CHF. I presume this is to reduce overcrowding to the popular spa and InstaGram site which overlooks Lake Lucerne. It is the most amazing spa view in the world.

Keep careful track of billing. On my recent trip I was charged for alcohol from the room (I don't drink). Our bottle of courtesy champagne was also missing one day.

Best Points Purchase: If you have United, book on United Hotels website and get two times the points. I've found the better value is to go through Expedia or Hotels.com for the best price and points value.

Room Preferences: Have staff record your room preferences (like type pillow, bed sheet versus the duvet, type water, welcome gifts preferred, extra towels, etc.). The Burgenstock keeps track of what you like, utilize the service.

Prior Arrival: Prior to your arrival, the new technique is to send you a email inquiring on your time of arrival. They now have a feature which allows you to pay extra for early arrival. Don't accept it. Show up whenever you wish, and if the room is not ready, use the spa, restaurant, or go for a hike. You're already paying for a full day, why would you pay more ? The minimum price of admission is around 700 CHF at the WaldHotel, followed by 750-900 CHF at the Palace Hotel (best value), and then 1,700+ CHF at the Burgenstock per day. Rates will vary according to the time of year and previous bookings. This resort complex caters to large groups, and also pre or post cruise packages.

Refunds: If you have a change in plans, don't expect a refund unless you're within the designated refund window (either booking direct or via a travel site). If you are not within the refund window, the resort may issue you a credit. I've used this and it works perfectly. I do not recommend paying until you are either at the resort or at most one day before (pandemic, flight issues, or other circumstances).

Helicopter Transfer is available to and from the resort. You can take a private jet to the local airstrip (closed on Sundays from noise ordinances) at Bouchs LSZC.

Helicopter Transfer is available to and from the resort. You can take a private jet to the local airstrip (closed on Sundays from noise ordinances) at Bouchs LSZC.

Helicopter Transfer To and From Resort

If you're interested in chartering a helicopter (1-4 pax) from the Burgenstock Resort to Zurich airport (ZRH), the fee as of 19 Sep 2021 is around 2,500 CHF. About 30 minute or less flight.

If you are interested in a transfer from Zermatt via Air Zermatt, expect a cost of around 4,500 CHF (up to 4 pax depending on amount of luggage) to the Burgenstock resort direct. See .pdf landing permission form below. Request a quick spin around the Matterhorn enroute. Expect a 30-45 minutes flight with amazing service and great pilots.

Buoches Airport Website

Burgenstock Landing Permission Form in PDF Format as of 19 September 2021

Air Zermatt Sightseeing and Helicopter Charter around Zermatt and Resort or Airport Transfer to the Burgenstock Resort

Contact Air Zermatt

Email: Air Zermatt


SWISS ALPS BY HELICOPTER: Tour the Matterhorn (via Air Zermatt)

Epic aerial footage of the top of the Matterhorn by helicopter. See the stunning views you can only get from Air Zermatt. If you ever visit the charming Swiss village of Zermatt, Switzerland, I recommend staying at the Riffelalp Resort (high above the village mid-way up the Gornergrat) and taking a helicopter tour of the Swiss alps. I have even chartered Air Zermatt to fly me directly to the Burgenstock Resort high above Lucerne, Switzerland. YouTube Video

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Air Zermatt Charter Service and Helicopter Tours

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