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Ever wonder what goes into a Instagram algorithm

Ever wonder what goes into a Instagram algorithm ? #instagram #algorithm

Who decides what you see ?

How are posts ranked ?

What variables have more weight than others ?

Does IG care how I post or how frequently ?

How do I attract followers like bugs to a light ?

If you are like me, you wonder the above questions, and more. The following article looks into the basics of the metrics of Instagram, and why the do it. Greed. The purpose of the app is to generate huge mountains of data, which can be purchased, used, sliced and diced to make money for IG shareholders. Like FaceBook, IG has development teams that want to get you hooked and reward quality content over quantity.

InstaGram Algorithm (pdf)

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InstaGram Like a Dyson

InstaGram Like a Dyson #instagram #seo #hashtag

Vaccum up the competition.

Often wonder how to get in the Top likes on Instagram ? Try lots of trial-and-error, and you’ll learn the ways. I use the law of 3’s. I use Tagzgen app to prepare my post, hashtags, and then follow-up comment hashtags - all posted virtually simultaneously. I also do follow-up tags in comments, while leaving the post unedited. That way you don’t have to edit the post to get additional followers, likes, or comments to engage and maintain freshness.

InstaGram Like a Dyson (pdf)

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Social Media: Start a Feeding Frenzy

Social Media: Start a Feeding Frenzy

Every feel that you simply don’t have enough time ? Wondering how to make your posts more automated, since they share the same information ? Want to put in one bait to feed the hungry sharks ?

The drudgery of building captions and posts for Instagram and other social media takes valuable time away from your travel experience. Whether it’s work or fun, you want time to enjoy.

Imagine a world where you only had to create content once, then share it cross platform. Even better, imagine blending in the nuances of each feed, and customizing automatically the caption, while keeping the basic information the same.

Social Media: Start a Feeding Frenzy (pdf)

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Creator Cockpit

Creator Cockpit

Designed to streamline video and text editing by providing commonly used buttons and scripts.

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MSC Bellissima: Beautiful ship but a cruise to avoid

MSC Bellissima: Beautiful ship but a cruise to avoid

Ever wonder what is too big for a cruise ship ? Look no further, it’s the MSC Bellissima. While a beautiful new ship, it’s overcrowded without the staff to support the 4,500 passenger load.

Antiquated card based POS systems only make things worse, especially when trying to incorporate the medallion RFID system.

Unsure if it’s the Italian way of doing business, or the staff is overwhelmed, but the organization is fraught with problems, inefficiencies, and has the potential for very unsanitary operating conditions, especially in the buffet area (no soap or sanitary lotion many times).

MSC Bellissima: Cruise to avoid (pdf)

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Streamlining The Art of Building a YouTube Video

Streamlining: The Art of Building a YouTube Video

Starting a YouTube Channel and learning how to produce a video is daunting. I started my channel just over a month ago, and have used streamlining to smooth out the process.

Learning is an evolutionary process, embrace it. You can start out famous, but you can build and learn during the way.

Seek out pro tips during your journey, and you’ll find the process more rewarding, and even develop your own hacks to help others.

Merging all the components together into a coherent video can be at times very difficult, but if you start simple, you’ll end up with a process that will take mold you into a professional.

Streamlining: The Art of Building a YouTube Video (pdf)

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CruisingReview Maldives: Video Streamlining Example

Corona Virus: Know Before You Go

Corona Virus: Know Before You Go (Prevention via D3, UV, blue light, humidity, pine oil, and other factors)

With the advent of Corona Virus (SARS-CoV) impacting worldwide populations, looking forward to a healthy strategy to mitigate infection is taking high priority.

The first step is prevention.

Preparing your body to prevent infection is your best first defense. Boosting your body immune system includes a healthy diet, exercise, and supplements such as D3, Black Seed, and diets rich in polyphenols (green and black tea) and whole plant based foods.

Corona Virus: Know Before You Go (pdf)

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Business Call Log

Business Call Log

This is the call log that I have developed over the past years. I made it on Filemaker, and it has evolved about 100 times to this version, which incorporates business, health, diet, and other daily items so you have a written log of your daily activities. Great for looking back. Download the pdf and print out. Free to use.

Download and Printout the Form (pdf)

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Conrad Bora Bora Nui Villa 411

Conrad Bora Bora Nui Villa 411

Moutainside villa.

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Soft War Strategy

Soft War Strategy

As the world pandemic continues to increase, an increased awareness of personal responsibility is worth considering. This is Mother Natures warning shot that we’re doing something wrong.

Now is the time to develop a strategy to survive a long-term diminishing resources.

Soft War Strategy (pdf)

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How to Prepare

How to Prepare: Here is how to start

As the world pandemic increases, an increased awareness of the daily essential needs is worth considering.

Now is the time to develop a strategy to survive a long-term diminishing resources.

Like most you depending on a supply chain for your water, food, and power. If any one of these chains breaks, you will see delays, or denied service. You can already see this in stores with limited selections, or lack of product (think toilet paper).

How to Prepare: Here is how to start

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Red Light Therapy at 660nm Improves Eyesight

Red Light Improves Eyesight

Recent studies (June 2020) confirm that for adults over 40, a red spectrum (LLLT or Low level light therapy) light can help the functioning of mitochondria.

There was a 14 percent improvement in the ability to see colors, or cone color contrast sensitivity, for the entire two dozen participants.

The spectrum for this therapeutic red light is around 660 nm. I have been using the Amzcool device (shown to the left and link below) for almost a year now, and love it. I use it for both my eyes, and for knee pain. It works for both eyes and skin healing (verfied by NASA).

For more details, please follow the link for our detailed review.

Science and Literature for Red Light Therapy

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Buy Now: Amzcool Red Light Therapy Disc on Amazon (3.4 inch disc)

Email: Red Light Therapy Questions

Red Light Therapy Science Links

Becoming a Digital Nomad - My First Impressions

Date: 1/9/2020

While running a machine shop remotely for years, I have a great deal of experience as a digital nomad. Taking the business on the road through multiple time zones adds new challenges and rewards.

The nuances of additional time zones makes communications (both phone and internet) the only major challenge when traveling abroad and working simultaneously.

Reliable and accessible phone and Internet become the key factors in any decisions for successful deployment when considering working remote.

Becoming a Digital Nomad - My First Impressions (pdf)

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