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Glycation Botanical Information

Advanced glycation end products Key players in skin aging. Skin collagen glycation positively correlates with blood glucose levels in diabetes and that intensive treatment can reduce the levels of skin glycation, implicating that a diet low in AGEs may have a beneficial effect on skin glycation.

The role of glycation in the pathogenesis of aging and its prevention through herbal products and physical exercise: Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are non-enzymatic modifications of proteins or lipids after exposure to sugars. In this review, the glycation process and AGEs are introduced, and the harmful effects of AGEs in the aging process are discussed.

Various herbal supplements or regular physical exercise have beneficial effects on glycemic control and oxidative stress with a consequent reduction of AGE accumulation during aging.

Keywords: high-sugar diet, oxidative stress, oxidative damage, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, advanced glycation end products, skin aging, photoaging, RAGE, AGEs, Aging, Glycation, Herbal products, Physical exercise, AGEs, dietary glycotoxins, dietary restriction, PCOS, MSR-1, RAGE, Glycation, Hyperglycemia, Polyphenols, Spices, Free radicals, Antioxidants, carnosine, carnosine, L-histidine, β-alanine, brain, cognition, treatment, psychiatry, neurology, nervous system, glycation, inhibitors of glycation, ageing, pancreatic cancer, Anti-Glycation, Glycation Reversing, Antioxidant Activity, Advanced Glycation End Products, diabetes complications, fenugreek

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