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2003 Date: 3/20/2003

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Arrival at Cozumel

Newsletter Front

We arrived on schedule at Cozumel and dropped anchor at about 8:00 a.m. Tenders arrived from shore for duty at around 8:30 and we arrived on land around 8:50 a.m.

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Tender Ashore

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Generally, since there is a high demand for early tender service, NCL has a colored tag reservation system (you get a tag, then go on the tender when called). Luckily, I had a VIP tag so I got on the first tender out. On the way down to the tender, you may sign-out beach towels and buy some $3.00 water if you wish. Of course the bottled water on shore is much cheaper, so buy it there.

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Touring Cozumel

Tender VIP Ticket

Today Lauren and Danielle decided to rent a car and tour the island. There were nice enough to invite me along, and while they were getting the rental car, I stopped by the local Internet Cafe which is just a few blocks down from the pier.

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Internet Cafe

The cafe was a complete communications lounge, with inexpensive phone booths and at least ten computer terminals. For ten minutes of use, they only charge a dollar ($1 USD) which is quite reasonable compared to the ship which is $.75 per minute (for a satellite connection which is slower than most 14.4 modems).

Mayan Ruins at Center of Island

San Gervasio

The Hertz rental car, with extra insurance, was $40 for the day (add $5.00 worth of gas to that), which is quite good compared to any of the tours or cabs. We first started off to drive by some of the resorts, then headed inland to see the only substantial Mayan ruins on the island, at San Gervasio. Admission is $2.00 If you want to see spectacular ruins, you really need to visit one of the major sites like Chichen Itza, Coba, Tikal, or any of the sites which have pyramid temples. The tour which the ship offered to Chichen Itza is by ferry, then a very long bus ride, which takes all day.

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Lunch on the Beach

Senor Iguana

After visiting San Gervasio, we headed to the opposite side of the island and grabbed a quick (and very tasty) lunch on the ocean. The surf on this side of the island is very rough, but the ocean breeze was a nice way to cool off an otherwise scorching Sun.

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Snorkeling Afternoon at Chankanaab


After lunch, and trying to find the beach bar featuring the "drunken monkey" we proceeded to Chankanaab Park. The admission to the park is $10 (USD) with additional fee's for snorkeling gear. The water here is very clear and the fish will swim up to you as if welcoming you to their world. After tanning some, I went swimming in the refreshing salt water (temperature around 85-80 deg F). It was a nice relaxing afternoon on the beach and in the water. You can get beach service here, and the drinks are substantially cheaper than on ship.

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Dinner in Cozumel at Guido's

After dropping off the rental car, we stopped by Guido's for a quick dinner. This cozy and romantic little Italian restaurant has a beautiful candlelit courtyard where you can literally dine under the stars. The food was quite good, especially the Calzone's.

Last Tender Back

At 7:30 p.m. we caught the last tender back to the ship. There was a huge line and I suspect they probably had to make a few more runs before the ship finally pulled up anchor.

Sushi Snack

Later that evening, had a wonderful sushi snack at Ginza on the top of the ship. There is just something so grand about having sushi while at sea... as the world cruises by.

Windjammer Piano Bar with Roger

After sushi, we went down to our now regular evening destination, the Windjammer Bar to listen to the very talented Roger Hernandez as he played songs on both the guitar and piano. During the week he did a few theme nights, playing mostly Eagle songs one night. He also does some great renditions of Jimmy Buffet and other popular artists. Roger is one of those talents who could go just about anywhere and do well, NCL is lucky to have him.

Visit Rogers Site at: www.rogerhernandez.com

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