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2003 Date: 9/12/2003

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Arriving at Sorrento

Anchored Off of Sorrento

We anchored off of the picturesque Sorrento around 7:45 a.m. Off in the distance was Capri and just ahead of the ship lay Sorrento, which is located on a small plateau on the hills of the coast. There is something so dramatic about these villages on the side of a mountain, they are compact, very vertical in scale and space is at a premium wherever you go.

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Tender to Shore

Pompeii with Mt. Vesuvius

The tender ashore took about 15 minutes and landed at the crowded port at the base of Sorrento. Sorrento was founded about 500 BC by the Romans, and was initially a resort for the rich. The city is what I have in mind as the class Italian hillside community, and is rich in culture with so many beautiful sights, that your eyes can barely capture it all.

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Onward to Pompeii

Statue at Pompeii

The bus ride to Pompeii too about 45 minutes as the bus worked its way through the Saturn mountains, in roads to narrow that mirrors are mounted at many corners to see if any traffic is coming from the opposite direction. The views from the road are dramatic as you climb then descend into Naples.

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Naples and Pompeii

Figures Frozen in Time

Naples is one of Italy's largest cities, and it surrounds the ruins of Pompeii, which is located about 5 miles from Mt. Vesuvius. The valley in which Naples is located next to the sea, is very fertile, and gardens along with farm plots are seen everywhere. While lemons, olives and grapes dot the hillside into town, tomatoes and other vegetables are grown in the valley, many of which find their way into exports. Lemonchello (Lemonchello) is a liqueur made from lemons, and should at least be tried for it's strong, but exotic taste. The Italians drink it for a after dinner digestion, but the strength of the drink is enough to make anybody cringe.

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Limoncello di Capri, exotic, inspirational, versatile, like all things Italian, possessing all the attributes to become an outstanding player on the international market


Roman Road

The Roman's were quite inventive as far as infrastructure goes. Modern day rail is based on the width of chariot wheels. Roman roads had a number of innovative features, including aqueduct fed water wells with poured lead connectors, lead pipes, spa's, water delivery, marble chips in the road which allowed more easy night navigation, stepping stones (since the road was also a sewer) and sundials.

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Pizza in Sorrento


After Pompeii we stopped by a local restaurant for pizza and some Lemonchello after lunch shots.

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Touring Sorrento

City of Sorrento

Sorrento is a beautiful seaside village. Take time to visit several of the many cliffside resorts that are scattered throughout the town.

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Sunset Drinks at the Observatory Lounge


The most amazing sunset greeted the ship as it departed from Sorrento, and as it cruised by the blue grotto on Capri. The red hues of the sunset danced on the horizon as Capri slipped into the wake of the ship. And just as the colors started to melt into the horizon, a beautiful full Moon appeared, as it has every evening this week, as if guiding the ship to it's next port. Mars also appears as night, as a bright orange light in the sky above. It's easy to see how many fall in love with the Mediterranean. The classical European city at the waters edge beckons those with adventure to take a closer look. Combined with fantastic vistas, great restaurants serve up local cuisine which rivals only the view of the azure waters of the Mediterranean. There are so many fantastic locations where hotels have been built on the cliffs above the water, that one could spend a lifetime exploring them all. If you want to sample the magic of a European Riviera, then I highly recommend a cruise to get a taste of what the Mediterranean has to offer. While a day in port seems to such little time, it allows you to get a general feeling for which seaside cities you would like to return to. In some ways it's like a buffet, which allows you to see and taste the culture from different regions, while maximizing your vacation time. It's a great way to see the world.

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Dinner at Compass


Dinner at Compass was with some friends from Barcelona.

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After Dinner at Horizon and Voyager

Post Dinner

There are always lots of activities after dinner, from a show, to the casino, and even Karaoke.

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Stern Vibrations

Cruising by Capri at Sunset

Once the ship reaches cruising speed of about 19 knots, there is a pronounced vibration at the stern of the ship. In the Horizon Lounge, it is most noticeable. I was told that the ship was going to be dry-docked to change the propellers on the azipod system, but it's unclear if that will remedy the vibrations.

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Dinner Confirmation


When you make a reservation, you will get a confirmation card as shown.

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Menu at Latitudes

Menu for Latitudes restaurant.

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Touring Info

General Info

Guest touring info for Sorrento.

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Map of Sorrento


Touring map.

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