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2003 Date: 9/14/2003

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Docking at Corfu

At Dock

After a hour advanced time change, we docked early morning in Corfu, Greece. The area is surrounded by barren mountains, which can be seen up to 30 miles away. Corfu is a port city, and has a large variety of ferries, private boats and fishing boats.

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Morning Massage

Port City

At 10:30 a.m. I had a full-body massage at the Judith Jackson Spa on the ship. It was so relaxing, and at $90 was very competitive compared to other cruise lines. I highly recommend a massage towards the start of your cruise, to get you in that relaxed mode. It's very soothing, works out all the pre-trip tensions, and just puts you in a great mood (albeit very lethargic).

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Shuttle to Square

Square at Corfu

At 11:00 a.m. I took the bus shuttle from the ship pier into town. The bus ride is free, takes about 10 minutes and is on a 30 minute return schedule. Since the shuttle drivers go on break for lunch, you can always take a taxi.

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Fortress Tour

Greek Temple

Instead of a managed tour, I just took the shuttle into town and visited the old fortress there. It's situation in the older part of town, just of the main square where there's a park. The entry fee into the fortress is $4 Euro. The fortress is located on a point where the harbor meets the sea, and has a lighthouse at the top of the fort which is well worth the long climb. The views from the top are quite good, and you can see the entire city, as well as all the islands surrounding Corfu. I took a cab back for $10 Euro, instead of waiting for the drivers to return with the shuttle bus.

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Lunch Poolside

Pool Deck

There was a special treat today poolside. The staff brought out the gas grills and made freshly grilled ribs, Halibut, Tuna and Turkey. Dining outside on a ship is just wonderful.

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Power Failure

Out of Control Jacuzzi

Sometime around 3:30-4:00 the ship lost power. I would not have known except that when the Jacuzzi's started up, water was spraying all over the deck. Anybody within about 30 feet got wet, and it was rather humorous. After about five minutes, one of the passengers went up to the rendition of the Bellagio water show, and turned the nozzles down into the water, and everything was normal once again.

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Martini's at the Observatory Lounge


The best place to see a sunset is sipping on a martini at the Observatory Lounge.

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Pool Deck Sunset

Magic hour at the Pool Deck. Oddly enough, I was usually the only person on the deck watching the sunsets.

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Compass Rose for Dinner


Chicken and Beef Satay were delicious at the Compass Rose.

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Martini Night at the Horizon Lounge

Martini Display

The staff set up the Horizon Lounge to resemble the cruising days of past, when martini's were the norm. The room was packed after the show got out, and a selection of about 40 martini's were made available.

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Rough Seas

Last Rays of the Sun Reflect off the Med

It's about midnight, and the ship is moving quite a bit. The stabilizers seem to be doing a good job, given that the wind is 88 km/hr (about 50 mph). Ships speed is 19 knots, under a full Moon. We're slowly cruising the coast of Albania and Macedonia enroute to Dubrovnik (Croatia).

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Touring Info


Info on Corfu.

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Touring map of Corfu

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Entrance Ticket


To tour the old fortress at Corfu, you need to purchase a entrance ticket.

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