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2003 Date: 9/17/2003

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Debarkation Front

Onboard charges stop at 12:30 a.m. The ship was empty since most passengers decided to stay in Venice until late in the evening, so restaurants and bars on the ship have few passengers.

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Debarkation Back

Guest are requested to be out of their rooms by 8:00 a.m., and while waiting in the lounges, wait for their colored tag to be called to leave the ship. The colored tag system groups people together by ultimate destination. For example, I was yellow tag which signified going to the Venice airport. The bus ride to the airport was about 45 minutes. The airport at Venice is fairly large, and relatively modern. You cannot get your ticketing done until about two hours before the flight leaves, and there are no set counters for the airlines. As a flight opens up, a ticket counter is assigned and displayed on a large screen. Once getting your tickets and passing through security, the airport has large and comfortable waiting areas. There are also a number of great shops to looking at while waiting for your flight, including a wine bar.

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VIP Room

There are a number of VIP hospitality rooms offered by the airlines. I was lucky in that there was a Marco Polo VIP room which allowed KLM. Since I purchased a Northwest WorldClubs Card (Pass), I was allowed to use the room, and bring two guests. Generally speaking, these hospitality rooms offer very comfortable seating, courtesy drinks and snacks.

Delta Flight to JFK

The Delta 767 was full and overbooked. They were offering a night in Venice, with transfers and a upgrade to Business Class for those willing to get bumped. Economy in Delta is cramped and uncomfortable. If you are expecting to get any work done, or computer tasks, there simply is no room. Even though the flight was about 8-9 hours it wasn't too bad, since I was working (very cramped I might add) on the photos for the website. The ground speed was just over 500 mph, versus 600 on the way over (tailwinds from west to east). We were greeted by a sunny 79 degrees F in New York. Even though I was the last row of seats on the airplane, since I had no baggage, I breezed through customs, even beating two other flights that were already there 15 minutes prior to our flight. Having just once carry-on makes all the difference.

JFK Delta Royal Crown Room

Once again I used my Northwest WorldClub card to get into the VIP lounge, and worked on my computer for the website. The room was packed.

JFK to Cincinnati

I upgraded to Business Class for $75 for the segment to Cincinnati, so that I could work on my website in more comfort. The flight was smooth and we landed just before a beautiful crimson red sunset.

Cincinnati to Madison

Took a smaller jet from Cincinnati, and arrived 15 minutes early at Madison, which was a breezy 70 degrees at 9:00 p.m.

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