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2004 Date: 1/11/2004

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Island of Raiatea

We arrived and dropped anchor at about 9:30 a.m. My trip odometer on the GPS said 106 miles, however I did not turn on the GPS until a few hours after departure, so the actual distance was more like about 150 miles. The GPS location at anchor is 16 deg. 42.94 south latitude and 151 deg. 27.146 west longitude. Sunrise was at 5:42 a.m. and Sunset is at 6:45 p.m. The Moon rise is at 10:09 p.m. this evening. We are exactly 26 miles from my hut GPS mark at Pearl Beach Resort in Bora Bora. You can actually see the cloud encrusted peaks in the distance. It's truly like out of the movie, South Pacific.

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Movie-Raiatea Island View 2

Lifeboat Drill

Lagoon and Reef

At 10:00 a.m. there was a lifeboat drill and then I had a wonderful full-body massage in the SPA. While I was in having my treatment, a Polynesian dance troupe entertained those on deck. Some of the locals were also on ship selling their local wares. After my massage, I stopped by the boutique (which was under a new vendor) and purchased a Swiss watch and some sunscreen. The boutique manager told me that the ship was recently sold and had changed flags to Bahamian ownership. It's clear that some of the changes were for the better. The new shop was very upscale, and had a better variety and better quality items, as well as a better presentation.

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Movie-Raiatea Ship Lagoon View

Sunday at Raiatea

Harbor View

All the stores are closed on Sunday in town, so it's best to book a tour. Since the ship visits a Motu beach on Monday, there's no point in going to one today, unless you really need the extra Sun. A word of wisdom and caution here. The Sun is very hot, and will produce severe sunburn on any unprotected skin. Even with SPF 30, I got sunburn my second and third day in Bora Bora. I purchased SPF 50 in the boutique for the Motu we're visiting on Monday. All day it was hot, and sunny. A nice change from the more rainy weather on Bora Bora.

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Movie-Raiatea Harbor View

Lunch Poolside

Pool Deck

I had lunch at the shaded poolside restaurant on Deck 8, which consisted of freshly grilled Mahi-Mahi, cheeseburger, a salad and some spring rolls. The food and service were excellent. With a low passenger count, the crew to passenger ration is about 2-3 to 1. After lunch I booked my tours down on Deck 4.

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Movie-Raiatea Radar

Captains Cocktail Party

Ships Captain and Pepe

It's tradition on the Radisson ships to have a Captains cocktail party to introduce the social hosts, captain and major staff. This party was at 6:30 p.m. and gave passengers the opportunity to take photos with the Captain. Complimentary champagne and hors'd-vors are available.

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Movie-Raiatea Ship Sunrise

Dinner with the Hotel Director

Dinner With Phillipe

Dinner in Le Etoile was with Phillipe Periot, the Hotel Director and two other couples. This was lobster night and both the food and company at the table were excellent. So good, we closed the place down.

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Movie-Raiatea Port View 2

La Palette


After a brief stop to see the comedian-singer, I headed up to my favorite spot, La Palette for some an after dinner martini.

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Movie-Raiatea Radar

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