Seven Seas Paul Gauguin Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and French Polynesia Day Two 2/4

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2004 Date: 1/14/2004

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Reposition Anchor

WaveRunner Around Bora Bora

Early morning, the ship weighed anchor and moved into another Bay in front of Pearl Beach. On one side you get a beautiful view of the Motu and the other, the peaks of Bora Bora.

Movie-Bora Waverunner Anchor at Pearl Beach

WaveRunner Tour of the Island

View of Bora Bora From Motu on Tour

A small group of us took a tender ashore to Viatape and then a 15 minute van ride to a WaveRunner rental business. We got on our Yamaha WaveRunner's and started off, circling the island to our right. The first stop was at the Motu on Pearl Beach. We anchored in about two feet of the crystal clear water for a water break, and while our guide went ashore to gather some coconuts. We then continued on to a private Motu and received a coconut demonstration, which was actually quite informative regarding the uses of coconuts, including a taste sampling of a new, medium aged, and older coconut. The best tasting was the shredded coconut on a half of a banana.

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Afternoon Massage

Looking Towards Bora Bora and Ship from Pearl Beach Motu

After a visit to the Motu, which is just down the beach from Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort (where I stayed in the pre-cruise), I scheduled another full body massage, which was very relaxing. There's nothing quite like a massage after a full day of activities.

Movie-Bora Waverunner Peaks and Lagoon

Motu at Pearl Beach

Motu Beach

The Motu at Pearl Beach was even more scenic than the Motu Mahana stop on Monday. With the volcanic peaks of Bora Bora as a backdrop, the waters slowly changed color from clear near the beach to a greenish blue, then blue in the deeper parts of the bay. There is a very limited ships bar here, and no restroom facilities. Those who went snorkeling here thought it was the best so far.

Movie-Bora Waverunner Pearl Beach Lagoon

Pearl Beach

Looking Towards Pearl Beach Resort on Same Motu

I walked down to the Pearl Beach resort for about an hour to say hello to Clara, whom I met the week before. There is private property along the beach, so be careful not to trespass. Walking out a few feet in the water (which is only a foot or so deep even a ways out) seems to be fine.

Movie-Bora Waverunner Anchor

Owner's Suite Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

Greg (Three G's) and Mary Ann were gracious enough to host a pre-dinner cocktail party in their cabin.

Movie-Bora Cocktail Party in Owners Suite

Seafood Bouquet Dinner

Dinner Prepared by Chef

A group of us had originally met during the second night at the Hotel Directors table, and we decided on a special order dinner, comprising of a host of shellfish and other delectables. The Chef and staff were ever so gracious to accommodate eight of us, and we had the best dinner that week aboard ship. We could barely walk away from the table we had so much to eat.

Late Afternoon Departure

Outrigger Canoe

The ship weighed anchor around 5:00 p.m. and we were shortly through the small reef lined channel into the open Pacific. The rollers were not that big, but even at only 6-10 knots, the ship began it's characteristic gentle roll.

Movie-Bora Leaving Reef Cut

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