Seven Seas Paul Gauguin Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and French Polynesia Day Two 1/5


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2004 Date: 1/16/2004

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Ship at Anchor

After a beautiful clear night sky, filled with stars, the ship was greeted in Cook's Bay Moorea with a beautiful sunny day. The ship stays at anchor overnight here, and the GPS coordinates are 17 deg. 29.533 S latitude and 149 deg. 49.340 W longitude. We're 146 miles from my hut at Pearl Beach, Bora Bora, 17 miles from Le Meridien at Tahiti, and 5,664 to my condo in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Movie-Moorea Cooks Bay

WaveRunner Moorea


After taking the tender ashore, a small group of us was picked up in a small powerboat for a 15 minute ride through the inner reef to the Sheraton, were the Yamaha WaveRunner's were located.

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Movie-Moorea Waverrunner Moored

Bays and Reefs


Moorea (pronounced Mo'orea) has the be the loveliest island on the earth, because of the contrast between the bays, lagoons, mountains and clouds. The Pacific ocean swell was up today, but the outer reef reduced the waves a great deal. In the bays, the water was completely calm. I can see why this is a cruisers paradise. Throw an anchor out front, then tie the back of the sailboat to a palm tree on shore and you're set. There are a number of cruising cats here, a few trimarans and very few monohulls.

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Movie-Moorea Waverunner Motu View From Beach

Motu and Stingrays


After riding along the coast and bays for a while, we went out to a Motu just near the outer reef. We pulled up the WaveRunner's on the beach in a small lagoon, just to be greeted by some approaching dark objects in the water. They turned out to be friendly stingrays. They came right up into about 5 inches of water to greet us. It's a bit intimidating when a creature that is about a square meter comes up to you, especially when the guide was saying how he was stung just the other week. They're so beautiful and graceful as they glide effortlessly skimming the bottom of the sugary sand lagoon.

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Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray

Lunch Poolside

Paul Gauguin in Cook's Bay

Had lunch at the Grill which was the best all week. They had a small Latin American cuisine along with skewered grilled shrimp and Satay Beef.

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Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray Gliding

Rainbow Afternoon

Moorean Rainbow

I spent all afternoon poolside, and towards the end of the afternoon, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the bay.

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Movie-Moorea Rainbow Pan

Captain's Farewell Cocktail Party

Les Gauguines

At 6:00 p.m. the Captain hosted a farewell party, which included a review of all of the staff, and then an entertaining show from a local Tahitian dance group.

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Movie-Moorea Ship La Paletta

Dinner and Packing

Tahitian Dancers

After dinner stopped by the show for a bit and started the laborious job of packing. I know of some people who party all night then pack at 4 a.m., but that's just a bit too rushed for me. Luggage has to be outside your door by midnight, but since I only have carry-on luggage, I had no deadline.

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Movie-Moorea Ships Staff

Dockside at Papeete

Friends at the Show

The ship arrives at the pier in Papeete during dinner, so you're at port the entire evening. This is actually the only stop where you are at dock. Some passengers elect to go off the ship to enjoy the local nightlife.

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Movie-Papeete at Night

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