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2004 Date: 1/17/2004

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This is the movie link page for all the short video clips from the Radisson Paul Gauguin cruise (January 10-17th, 2004).


Pre-Cruise Stay at Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort

January 7,8,9 2004

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut - Glass Coffee Table 1

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut - Glass Coffee Table 3

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Outside 1

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Outside 2

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Oustide 3

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Outside 4

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Outside 5

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Bathroom

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Inside 1

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Inside 2

Movie- Bora Bora - Moon

Movie- Bora Bora - Docks

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut Inside

Movie- Bora Bora - Hut - Glass Coffee Table 2

Movie-Bora Bora Peaks

Movie-Bora Bora Hut View 2

Movie-Bora Bora Hut View 1

Movie-Bora Bora Pool View 2

Movie-Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort Waterfall

Movie-Bora Bora Beach View 3

Movie-Bora Bora Beach View 2

Movie-Bora Bora Beach View 1

Movie-Bora Bora Coffee Table

Movie-Bora Bora Lagoon View

Movie-Bora Bora Restaurant Reflecting Pool

Movie-Bora Bora Pool and Beach

Movie-Bora Bora Pool View 1

Movie-Bora Bora Huts and Piers

Movie-Bora Bora Huts and Beach

Movie-Bora Bora Huts Sunshine

Movie-Bora Bora Huts and Peaks

Movie-Bora Bora Cloud Peaks 2

Movie-Bora Bora Cloud Peaks 1

Movie-Bora Bora Lagoon 2

Movie-Bora Bora Lagoon 1

Movie-Bora Bora Lagoon In Rain

Movie-Bora Bora Huts 2

Movie-Bora Bora Huts 1

Movie-Bora Bora Lagoon

Movie-Bora Bora View

Movie-Bora Bora Peak View

Movie-Cruise Ship Harbor View

Movie-Bora Bora Under Hut Night

Movie-Bora Bora Hut Coffee Table Night

Movie-Bora Bora Bedroom View

Saturday January 10th and Sunday January 11th, 2004

Movie-Cruise Ship Pool View

Movie-Raiatea Reef View

Movie-Raiatea Island View 2

Movie-Raiatea Radar Bridge

Movie-Raiatea Radar

Movie-Raiatea Early Sunrise

Movie-Raiatea Island View

Movie-Raiatea Coastline

Movie-Raiatea Sunrise

Movie-Raiatea Ship Sunrise

Movie-Raiatea Ship Lagoon View

Movie-Raiatea Harbor View

Movie-Raiatea Port View

Movie-Raiatea Port View 2

Movie-Raiatea Sunrise 2


Monday January 12th, 2004

Movie-Motu Beach Ship View

Movie-Motu Lagoon and Other Motu

Movie-Motu Beach and Palm Tree

Movie-Motu Palm Tree and Ship

Movie-Motu Pier View

Movie-Motu Pier Level

Movie-Motu Beach Lagoon View

Movie-Motu Outrigger

Movie-Motu Sunset

Movie-Motu Beach Plant

Movie-Motu Beach View

Movie-Motu Island View

Movie-Motu Radar Bridge

Movie-Motu Ship in Lagoon

Movie-Motu Pool Deck

Movie-Motu Ship Stern

Movie-Motu Sunrise

Movie-Motu Sunset

Movie-Motu Bora Bora Distance Pan

Movie-Motu Ship Stern

Movie-Motu Beach View 2

Movie-Motu Sunset from Ship

Movie-Motu Palm Tree and Beach


Tuesday January 13th, 2004

Movie-Bora Helicopter Lagoon and Reef

Movie-Bora Helicopter Lagoon

Movie-Bora Helicopter Pearl Beach Resort

Movie-Bora Helicopter Approaching Peak

Movie-Bora Helicopter Peaks

Movie-Bora Helicopter Warmup

Movie-Bora Helicopter Peaks

Movie-Bora Helicopter Takeoff

Movie-Bora Helicopter Resort

Movie-Bora Helicopter Outer Reef

Movie-Bora Helicopter Resort and Lagoon

Movie-Bora Helicopter Runup

Movie-Bora Sunset


Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

Movie-Bora Reef Cut

Movie-Bora Leaving Reef Cut

Movie-Bora Catamaran and Peaks

Movie-Bora Ship Leaving Mooring

Movie-Bora Pearl Beach View

Movie-Bora Waverunner

Movie-Bora Waverunner At Anchor in Lagoon

Movie-Bora Waverunner Climbing Coconut Tree

Movie-Bora Waverunner at Anchor

Movie-Bora Pool at Night

Movie-Bora Cocktail Party in Owners Suite

Movie-Bora Ship Pool at Sunset

Movie-Bora Radar Bridge

Movie-Bora Bora Sunset Background

Movie-Bora Stern Ship at Sunset

Movie-Bora Radar Bridge at Sunset

Movie-Bora Sunset Pan View

Movie-Bora Waverunner Palm and Lagoon

Movie-Bora Waverunner Palms

Movie-Bora Waverunner Peaks and Lagoon

Movie-Bora Waverunner Pan View of Island

Movie-Bora Waverunner Pepe at Pearl Beach

Movie-Bora Waverunner Pan View of Pearl Beach

Movie-Bora Waverunner Anchor at Pearl Beach

Movie-Bora Waverunner Pearl Beach Lagoon

Movie-Bora Waverunner Peaks

Movie-Bora Waverunner Lagoon Water

Movie-Bora Waverunner Anchor


Thursday, January 15th-16th, 2004

Movie-Moorea Tender Back to Ship

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Reef Lagoon

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Reef View

Movie-Moorea Ship Cigar Room

Movie-Moorea Helicopter along Coast

Movie-Moorea Bow of Ship

Movie-Moorea Cooks Bay

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Along the Reef

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Coastal View

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Warmup

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Inbound Reef

Movie-Moorea Ship Pool

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Inside View

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Lagoon

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Coast

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Takeoff

Movie-Moorea Approach to Landing

Movie-Moorea Side View of Ship

Movie-Moorea La Paletta Cocktail Hour

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Takeoff Exterior

Movie-Moorea Radar Bridge at Night

Movie-Moorea Helicopter Ship in Cooks Bay

Movie-Moorea Ship La Paletta

Movie-Moorea Ship from Tender

Movie-Papeete at Night

Movie-Moorea Ships Les Gauguines

Movie-Moorea Paul Gauiguin at Anchor

Movie-Moorea Cooks Bay Paul Gauguin

Movie-Moorea Cooks Bay Tiki

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Motu View From Beach

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray Approaches

Movie-Moorea Cooks Bay Ship at Anchor

Movie-Moorea Cooks Bay View from Pier

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Motu Water Pan

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Motu Water Color

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Motu View

Movie-Moorea Waverrunner Moored

Movie-Moorea Sheraton

Movie-Moorea Waverunner at Beach at Motu

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Anchored

Movie-Moorea Tender Pier Cooks Bay View

Movie-Moorea Tender Pier Pan View

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray Swimming

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray Near Feet

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Motu Pan

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray Pan

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray

Movie-Moorea Paul Gauguin Bow

Movie-Moorea Sheraton Beach View

Movie-Moorea Sheraton Beach

Movie-Moorea Ships Staff

Movie-Moorea Rainbow Pan

Movie-Moorea Rainbow Cooks Bay

Movie-Moorea Ship Stern

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Grabbing Stingray Tail

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray Playing

Movie-Moorea Waverunner Stingray Gliding


Post Cruise Stay at Beachcomer Resort, Saturday, January 17th, 2004

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Resort Pools at Night

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Inifinity Pool View

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer View From Room

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Pan View From Lobby

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Sunset Reflecting

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Sunset Reflecting Off of Pool

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Saltwater Pool Still

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Sunset Reflecting Pool

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Tiki Torches at Pool

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Tiki Torches

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Resort View

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Sunset Huts

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Saltwater Pool Pan View

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Pool at Night Still

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Resort Still

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Infinity Pool Still

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Saltwater Pool

Movie-Papeete Port View Pan

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Sailboat Moorea Background

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Moorea Sailboat

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Room Pan Viewing Out

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Hut Before Sunset

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Huts and Sailboat

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Hut at Sunset

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Pool View Pan

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Room Pan

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Relection at Sunset

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Pool at Night just after Sunset

Movie-Papeete Beachcomer Before Sunset Palm

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