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2004 Date: 3/20/2004

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Newsletter Front

The ship waited outside the channel until 7:00 p.m., the proceeded in wit a pilot. Two tugs joined us and turned the ship around before we backed into the dock at Terminal 29.

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Newsletter Back

Since I bought an expensive watch onboard, I declared it to the Customs agents, who set up shop in the Card Room on Deck 6. After my $800 exemption, I paid a $62.50 fee (with cash since they did not accept credit cards).

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Disembarking the Ship

Passengers are issued color codes that match tags on their luggage, according to their departure time. They ask that you vacate your cabin by 8:00 a.m. and wait in a public room until your color code is called. Luckily, mine was called first, at about (9:14 a.m.). My friend Lauren picked me up at the airport, and we went out for breakfast.

Riverwalk and Indigo's

Since the restaurants did not open in the Riverfront until 11:00 a.m., we walked down to the Indigo restaurant for breakfast.

Northwest Check-in at the Airport

I did the E-First check-in, and got my tickets in about two minutes. The Northwest system is fast and efficient.


After a security check, I proceeded to the WorldClubs host partner, the Continental Room which was equally as nice as the WorldClubs, but on a smaller scale.

End of Cruise Surprise

I was very unpleasantly surprised to see a $4,799.06 charge which wasn't mine from the Navigator when I returned. Not only were my stateroom charges on my VISA bill, but so were somebody else's. It took more than a day to clear up the erroneous charge. For those who might have this problem in the future, the Accounting Department at Radisson Seven Seas is Tel: 800-490-4216.

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