Tia Moana - Superyacht Bora Bora Cruise and Le Taha'a Private Island Resort and Spa (Le Tahaa) Review Le Taha'a Private Island Resort and Spa (Le Tahaa)


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Bora Bora Cruises Tia Moana - Superyacht

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2005 Date: 1/13/2005

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Breakfast at Beachcomber

Beachcomber in Papeete

We had the buffet breakfast at the Beachcomber before our departure to Raitea. The varied selections included made-to-order omelets to waffles and fresh pastries. After a efficient and smooth checkout at the Beachcomber, Tahiti Nui Travel picked us up in a van for the transfer to the airport.

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Movie- 2005 Beachcomber Pool

Flight to Raitea

Air Tahiti ATR Commuter

At 9:20 a.m. we boarded the small twin turboprop commuter aircraft for the flight to Raitea. There is no luggage space aboard, so even carry-on's were checked. After a smooth 50 minute flight, we landed at the small oceanside airstrip in Raitea. Within 10 minutes of landing, we had our luggage and met our transfer guide for the short hop to Le Taha'a Private Island Resort and Spa (Le Tahaa). Since the airport was oceanside, the resort launch was only 100 feet away from the terminal. Within a few minutes we were on our way to the resort. The 30 minute boatride took us across to the island of Tahaa, where we followed the coast a bit until we reached the out-island (Motu or atoll) of Taha'a.

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Movie- Le Tahaa

Arrival At Le Tahaa Resort

Arrival - Le Tahaa from the water

The first sign of the resort were the many over-the-water huts which seem to spider out from the sand beaches and wavering palm trees. We landed at the resort dock where we were greeted with fresh steamed towels and a tropical drink. Our host took us directly to beach bungalow 49, which happened to be at the very end of the beach. It's a good 10 minute walk from the main reception area to the furthest bungalow. The grounds were immaculate.

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Movie- Le Tahaa Bungalow Bedroom

Beachside Bungalow

Bungalow 49 at Le Taha'a Private Island Resort and Spa (Le Tahaa)

The bungalow was enormous, on the beach, and with a view of Bora Bora in the distance. As you walk into the courtyard of the bungalow, done in Polynesian thatched hut style, you're immediately engulfed in a euphoria that you are really in paradise. There is an outside combination shower/bath, huge twin-sink bathroom, plenty of storage for clothes and luggage. A mosquito netted bed has a commanding view through double sliding glass doors of the lagoon and the island of Taha'a in the distance. While I really like the artistic bowl sinks installed in all the bungalows and over-the-water huts, the facets were installed wrong-- they turn off in the complete opposite direction for which there is an international standard. It's an odd mistake for such a touted five-star resort. When you thought you were turning off a facet, the water came squirting out of the bowl onto you or the floor. Seems like a small detail, but it was very noticeable.

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Movie- Le Tahaa Bungalow Pool

Private Pool in the Beach Bungalows


A separate living room area leads to a private enclosed deck, with its own pool. The deck also has a eating area with overhead fan and lights for in-bungalow dining. My favorite feature of the bungalow was the pool. It had lights so at night you have this incredible glow from the pool, as it casts water shadows dancing on the stone wall surrounding the private deck area. The private pool is a combination of a jacuzzi and pool. It's not big enough to swim in, but just large enough to relax in comfort and enjoy the stars above at night, or the palm trees swaying gently in the breeze above during the day.

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Movie- Le Tahaa Sunset


Looking Through Bungalow

Our first sunset at Le Taha'a Private Island Resort and Spa (Le Tahaa) was spectacular. The Sun slowly melted into the South Pacific as the clouds and the distant peaks of Bora Bora mirrored the colorful light show from afar.

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Dinner At Ohiri

Over The Water Huts

The reservations-only restaurant Ohiri is decidedly French. We started off with tuna and scallop appetizers. Followed with shrimp and lobster entree's, the presentation was amazing. The food was, in my opinion, very average (however I'm not a big aficionado of French food). The air-conditioned, fully enclosed restaurant has about 10 tables, and is very stark. The service is good, but the room needs more personality.

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View From Bungalow

The views from the bungalow are of the lagoon and of the vanilla spice island of Taha'a. On the opposite side is the view of Bora Bora.

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Bungalow Bed

The bungalow has a mosquito net, which is not necessary if you keep the doors closed during the morning and sunset. There were very few insects, even though it was the rainy season.

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Outside Shower

Not only is there an interior shower, but also an exterior shower with tub outside. There's also a private pool and of course, the ocean.

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The bathroom is done in beautiful wood. There are two bowl sinks, but unfortunately, they are plumbed wrong (on/off reversed).

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Le Tahaa minibar Prices

The room came complete with a minibar, which you only use for the water or soda. We never did find a bottle opener, so had to use the deck chair to open sodas.

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Le Tahaa Ohiri Sample Bill

Ohiri is the signature restaurant, and the only public air-conditioned restaurant. Usually, there is a nice ocean breeze, so the air-conditioning is not normally needed.

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Room Service

Room Service - Sample Bill

Room service for bungalow 40 (which is a long distance from the resort kitchen) was fair. The food was always cold, which is to be expected for such a long distance, however there was never a bottle opener and only some condiments were supplied. A checklist is needed for this world-class resort. Food presentation was great, but quality was fair. I had a hamburger one evening for room service, which was about $33.00 - the highest priced burger I have ever had. That's the price of paradise.

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