Tia Moana - Superyacht Bora Bora Cruise and Le Taha'a Private Island Resort and Spa (Le Tahaa) Review Spa Day 2


Bora Bora Cruises Tia Moana - Superyacht

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2005 Date: 1/14/2005

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Waking Up to Paradise

View of Lagoon From Le Tahaa

After a restful nights sleep, we awoke for our second day in paradise. At our disposal was a beach at our doorstep, and a private pool on our deck. The private pool became our favorite. Half Jacuzzi and half pool, it was a innovative feature that we loved. The bed has mosquito netting, but we found it unnecessary if you close the doors at sunset and early morning.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Beach Bungalow

Breakfast - Room Service

Breakfast Served at the Bungalow

As part of the hotel package, we had American Breakfasts included. For our breakfast, we had fresh ham and cheese omelets, with a fresh fruit plate and assorted pastries. You can also get tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The room service was prompt, but by the time any food got to the furthest bungalow on the resort property (number 49), it was always cold. Although I ordered bottled Coke each time, we never got a bottle opener, not was there one in the bar area of the bungalow. A small oversight, but a large inconvenience when you're trying to figure out a way to open a bottle of wine, or bottled soda. We finally figured out that you can pry off the bottle by using the metal adjustment slots in the deck chairs.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Bora Bora on Horizon

Outrigger Canoe

View of Paradise

For our first resort activity, we took out the two-person outrigger canoe into the windy lagoon. I had wanted to take out one of the BIC windsurfing boards, but the larger and more stable board I wanted to take out, did not have a fin (in other words would not work properly). Two of the three windsurfing boards were like this, rendering them unuseable for boardsailing. There was a fully rigged said there, along with a workable slalom-hybrid board. I asked the cabana person if he could change the fin over from the one board and either he didn't understand, or was unwilling to do it. In any case, There was no boardsailing that day-- even though it was absolutely perfect wind and water conditions. For a high rated resort to have non-working facilities is not acceptable.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Bungalow Deck View

Swimming in the Lagoon

Resort Infinity Pool

After our canoeing, we went swimming in the sandy bottom, crystal clear water lagoon. They recommend hard-bottomed surf shoes for these waters to prevent sea-urchin injuries, even though we never saw any in the sand (only in coral bottom or coral structures).

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Bungalow During Evening

Afternoon Poolside

Eric the Resort Bartender

The afternoon was spent relaxing poolside. The infinity pool is beautiful and leads out to the lagoon. It also has a fantastic swim up bar which is hosted by Eric the bartender. Eric made great drinks and was the most delightful and friendly worker at the resort.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Bungalow Entrance

Manea Spa

Resort Pool

We did a hour long spa session at the Manea Spa, which was very relaxing. You can have your massage just about anywhere, from on the beach, at the spa, to your own bungalow.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Bungalow Pool

In Bungalow Dining


For dinner, we had room service deliver to out bungalow. The food was good, but again, it was cold by the time it arrived. Of course, there was no bottle opener, even though I had ordered bottled Coke, and there was no salt and pepper. Again, the small details. For this evening, I decided on a cheeseburger. Price: $33 USD. Be prepared to pay the price for paradise. The quality of the food was fair to average on a good day. Presentation was always great. It was a little odd to have the food always look fantastic, but fall short in quality. When I called to have the room service picked up, nobody came by.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Bungalow Pool at Night

Private Pool Before Bedtime

Private Pool

The great part of having your own pool, is that you can use it whenever you wish. Since the pool had a light at the bottom, we turned just that light on, and turned the deck lights off so we could have a swim before retiring for the evening. Again, the pool as the neatest feature of the beach bungalow.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Bungalow Wide View

Room Service

$33 Hamburger

If you ever wanted to know what a $33 hamburger looked like, here it is. Expect to pay high prices in world-class resorts, but then again, if you have to ask how much it is, you probably can't afford it. I didn't ask.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Pool


Pool View

The resort infinity pool extends to the beach and lagoon.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Pool View

Ohira Restaurant

Ohiri Dinner Selection

Here is a sample of the entree from the reservations-only resort restaurant.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Sunset from Bungalow

Dinner at Ohira

Pepe at Dinner

Service is excellent at Ohira. You'll be dining with at most, a few other guests.

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Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Sunset View



The dining room is small, and very stark, in contrast with the other resort dining option, the open-aire Vanille.

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Sunset Huts

The over-the-water huts offer several views: sunset, Taha'a and Bora Bora in the distance.

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Rainbow at Sunset


January is the rainy season in French Polynesia. We never found it an inconvenience, since usually it would rain and clear up right away. The dynamics in Bora Bora seemed to favor rain a bit more.

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Bungalow Entrance

The beach bungalows are huge. There's a courtyard entrance, separate outside shower, deck, living room, bedroom, and large bathroom.

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Bungalow from the Beach

Bungalow - Beach View

The bungalow opens directly to the beach and lagoon.

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Sunset Over Bora Bora

Hut number 40 is at the end of the motu, so it has a nice view of Bora Bora in the distance. The only disadvantage is that it's a long way from the resort pool, and main dining. The best resort location is the Bora Bora view over-the-water huts.

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