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2005 Date: 3/26/2005

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Lunch at Molly's Irish Pub


Instead of breakfast, we took the taxi into Red Hook to look at boats in the American Yacht Club harbor marina and eat lunch at Molly's. The restaurant prices in St. Thomas are very reasonable, and the food is quite good. Molly's is right on the waterfront and a wonderful little cafe.

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Movie - SDYC - Wyndham Resort Beach



After lunch, we stopped by the local supermarket for some food to bring back to the room. I couldn't believe the liquor prices. Premium rums and other spirits were 25% of the prices on the mainland.

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Movie - SDYC - Wyndham Resort Iguana

Afternoon Walking

Cheap Rum Prices in Local Market

Since the room wasn't clean yet at 1:00 p.m., we walked around the large resort property and went iguana chasing. They're all over the place, hanging out in the many Mangroves or just sunbathing on the lawn area.

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Movie - SDYC - Wyndham Resort Pool


View of Bay

The Wyndham resort has a number of waterfall connected pools and a beach. This was more of a family resort, so the pools were full of kids. Towel service stops around 5:00 p.m. so be sure to get them early in the day. They do have a jacuzzi, but it was full of people. The beach had nice sand, but needed a good cleaning. One of the unfortunate aspects of all-inclusive resorts is that you can have all the rum punch you can drink-- and there was one guy on the beach who could barely walk. You don't see that at more upscale resorts-- or where you have to pay for drinks a-la-carte.

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Dinner at Manor House

View of Pool

We ate dinner at about 8:30 p.m. at the hotel restaurant (Manor House) just off the lobby. We did not have reservations and were seated immediately. Again, this resort is set up for the all-inclusive guest, so the menu is limited. You have to wear a cheap looking wristband for the all-inclusive privileges. Tonight was Mexican night at the restaurant and there was a taco station at the salad bar which was quite good. There were only about five selections for main dinner entrees, and I had the steak fajita (which had the same delicious cut of beef from the night before).

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