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2005 Date: 4/2/2005

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Anchor at Jost Van Dyke

Arrival at Anchor

We dropped anchor just off a beach in Jost Van Dyke early morning and the crew tendered back and forth to set up the beach day.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Arrival at Jost Van Dyke

Beach Day


The last day is reserved for the best - beach day. Seadream pays for the use of part of a beach for the use of the passengers.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Arrival Pan of Beach

Tender in via Zodiac

View of Seadream from Beach

Up to 14 people can tender into shore at one time via the inflatable Zodiac.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Guests Arrive Via Tender at Jost Van Dyke

Beach Activities

Fruit Art

The beach has sugary white sand and is just beautiful. A few other pleasure boats anchor off this beach, but it's pretty remote, so don't expect alot of people. The crew brings snorkeling equipment, some kayaks and some beach toys (volleyball and football).

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Jost Van Dyke Beach Pan

Caviar and Champagne Splash

Caviar Splash

Late morning, the Chief Steward prepares a caviar and champagne buffet on the backside of a windsurfer out in the water. The water is about 80 degrees F, and is just wonderful to be in. Most of the bottom is sand, but there are a few rocks, so I recommend some type of water shoes.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Floating Caviar Bar

Lunch Buffet Beachside


The crew prepared a full buffet lunch, with grilled meat and a fully stocked bar. I had a grilled cheeseburger and some chateau briand, but there were ribs, shrimp and other delicacies.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Pan of Jost Van Dyke

Afternoon in the Water

Lunch Buffet

With such a wonderful beach and warm water, I spent the entire afternoon in the water playing football and sipping on rum-and-cokes. The waitstatff would actually wade out into the water to bring your drinks.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Tender Departs Beach

Last Evening Aboard

Grilled Steak and Fish

After a short talk from the Captain, who said we set a record that week of eating 14 pounds of caviar, we had some cocktails then went up a few decks for a specially prepared dinner.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Radar Sweep


Group Dinner

There was a group of us who did not want to eat in the Main Dining Room that evening, so we requested to dine outdoors. The Chief Steward graciously obliged our request and set up a beautiful table for ten on one of the aft decks.

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - SeaDream Flag

Luggage and Last Evening Packing

Last Evening Drinks

For those who packed luggage, the staff requested that it be set outside the door by 1:00 a.m. for the staff to collect and stow below. The last night is usually spend saying goodbyes and packing by the passengers, and the staff is getting ready for the next weeks cruise. I stopped by the reception desk and made a donation to the crew fund (since tipping is included, if you feel extraordinary effort was made, a donation to the crew fund is the best way to show it).

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Ship Flags at Sunset

BVI Island Info - .pdf Format

.pdf Format

BVI Island Info - .pdf Format

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Movie - SDYC - Ship Day 07 - Sunset over Jost Van Dyke

Crew Fund


I always ask what the proper procedure is for tipping the crew. Unlike mass-market megaships, the tips are usually included on these types of cruises. But to be sure, I always ask the hotel director or cruise director. In this case, if service is exceptional a tip is appreciated, and should be made to the purser for the crew fund, that way the tip is distributed to everyone.

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Daily Program

Daily Program

Daily Program

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Disembarkation Info


Disembarkation Info

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Final Cruise Bill


You're presented with your final bill the last evening/morning of the cruise.

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Jost Van Dyke Tours


Jost Van Dyke Tours

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