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2006 Date: 4/1/2006

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Departure Day

Carry On Luggage

For the spring cruise, I wanted to go again on Bora Bora Cruises and combine it with a travel agent Fam trip, but was not able to get the week wanted with the line, so I opted for Seadream Yacht Club. We had such a great time last year, and it's convenient to travel to the Caribbean. Wake up at 4:00 a.m., $20 taxi to airport and departed at 6:30 a.m. for Memphis. The Canadair RJ (Regional Jet) was economy only, poor seat comfort and crammed in 2x2. More and more the Northwest fleet is aging with very uncomfortable seats - even in business class. The flight arrived on time at 8:15 a.m. The WorldPerks Lounge (which I pay about $350 a year for) was crowded and understaffed.

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Memphis to San Juan

Business Class Seats

The 3.5 hour flight from Memphis to San Juan was aboard a NWA Airbus 320 S.R. with 2x2 business class up front and plenty of space. For breakfast, they served egg omelets which were good. No pillows or blankets - which is poor service for international flights. More and more, the airlines are skimping to save on the bottom line, while still charging a premium to sit up front.

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Flight to San Juan

Flying Over the Bahamas

The flight from Memphis to San Juan followed down the coast of Florida with some spectacular colors of the sea below.

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San Juan Weather Delay

San Juan

The larger jets were able to land in San Juan, but the smaller commuters were grounded. We were flying Cape Air from San Juan to St. Thomas - a small twin prop 10 seater. The flight had a 1.5 hour delay and then we got a weather window.

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San Juan to St. Thomas

Cessna 412

We were finally cleared to depart to St. Thomas on a small twin. This reminded me of my pilot days. The departure was in drizzle and some rain, but weather deteriorated as we flew to St. Thomas. I was looking at the weather radar and there were embedded thunderstorms. The flight was very bumpy and even a flash of lightning at one point. The pilot was highly skilled, and clearly knew what he was doing. Flying around the worse areas, we finally broke clear of the weather for a small break and got into St. Thomas at 7:15 p.m. Commuters always fly in the muck since they don't usually go above 6-10,000 feet. Larger aircraft fly way above the weather, and are better equipped for all types of inclement weather.

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Taxi to Bluebeards Castle

Room at Bluebeards

The airport at St. Thomas is always crowded (at least when I'm there in the spring). While taxi's have a set fare - they try to overcrowd each taxi with as many people as possible. If they're packing them in, look for another taxi. $20 for two to Bluebeards. I chose Bluebeards because almost all the nicer hotels were booked, and I wanted something close to the port where we would depart. Bluebeards appears to be a timeshare/rental type resort. I booked through Expedia for $212. If you booked there, it was $158 per night. There is a heavy penalty for staying beyond the 10:00 a.m. checkout time.

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Bathroom at Bluebeards Castle.

Bathroom at Bluebeards Castle.

Sitting room at Bluebeards Castle.

Bed at Bluebeards Castle.


Banana Tree Lounge

For some before dinner cocktails, we had a few papaya martini's at the Banana Tree Lounge.

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Dinner and the View From Bluebeards Castle


For dinner, I had the seared tuna which was delicious. Bluebeards is up on a hill that overlooks all of the port and the ships. The view at night is great, but the view of the harbor and sunset is fantastic.

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Cape Air informational brochure. In .pdf format.

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Seadream Yacht land and sea tours - advance booking. In .pdf format.

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