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2006 Date: 4/3/2006

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Fredericksted, St. Croix

Reminder Card For Tour

Monday morning we were at dock in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Known as the more industrial island, St. Croix has a large refinery on the island that recently had an explosion which stopped it's output. We decided to go snorkeling in the morning.

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Downtown square after a 35 minute minibus ride to the other side of the island.


Another tour boat anchors on the reef. There was a self-guided snorkeling tour which we took, after a 45 minute boat ride out to the reef.

Island near the reef. The water was clear, and we saw lots of fish and some big barracuda. Visited the underwater national park and Buck Island.

Breakfast and Lunch Buffet


Breakfast and lunch are served in the mid deck area with fantastic open air views of the ocean.

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Sample Breakfast

Breakfast includes a buffet and made-to-order omelets or other entrees.

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Sun Deck Just Before Sunset

The ultimate day on a Seadream Yacht is to take a land tour during the morning, then lounge around all afternoon until sunset - soaking in the rays, swimming off the back of the ship, or floating in the pool or Jacuzzi.

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Cocktails at Sunset


Never miss a sunset at sea - they're beautiful. You don't always get a spectacular full Sun dipping into the ocean, but usually you won't be disappointed by the array of beautiful colors presented as the Sun touches the horizon.

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Pre Dinner Drinks

Ship Stack

The best sunset is viewed from the aft deck, behind the stack.

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Before dinner (usually around 7:00 p.m.) the Captain will say a few words in the lower lounge, or the activities director will brief you on the next day.

Another fantastic dinner at 7:40 p.m. Scallops, lobster and fondue.

After dinner dessert. Afterwards there was a PJ party on the top deck.

While you are at dinner, your room is cleaned and the bed is turned down. The next days activity sheet is left along with some sort of treat. This evening was a rose.


Spa Services

Spa services directory. In .pdf format.

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