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2006 Date: 4/4/2006

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Antigua Sailing Yacht

Tuesday we dropped anchor at 8:45 a.m. in Falmouth Bay, Antigua. This is the yachting capitol of the Caribbean, which huge sailing and motor yachts all around. During breakfast, the huge sailing yacht at the right hoisted her sails and sped off into the distance.

(click to enlarge)

A look back at the pool.

Superyacht in the harbor.

Megayacht at dock.

Dockside yachts.

Island Hiking

Yacht Tender

I've been to Antigua before - so I wanted a relaxing day. If you're here at sunset, be sure to go up to Shirley Heights and if you're lucky, you can see the volcanic plumes of smoke from the island of Montserrat. We decided to do some island hiking for the afternoon - be sure to bring water since it's really hot and dry on shore. Nelson's Dockyard is a great place to view the superyachts which is not too far away. To get to the main town in Antigua (St. Johns) you need to take a taxi or bus for about 30-45 minutes. The cruise ship pier is located there, along with shops and casinos (as well as some offshore banks).

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We took the tender ashore and hiked up a hill, then down to the beach.

It is said that Antigua has a beach for every day. They're sugary white and the water is clear.

After the hike and some local beers at the beach side cantina, we had our guide radio the ship tender to pick us up.

A view of Seadream I with her front davit, which lifts the Zodiacs from the deck to the water.

Tender lift.

One of many yacht Zodiacs that are used for water sports and tendering passengers to shore.

A view of the stern water sports platform.

Ship stack.

Some fancy fruit sculpture for the pre-dinner cocktail hour on the aft deck.

Dinner of mahi-mahi.

Fancy dessert.

The ship has a very small, two table (no slots) casino. Tips on playing: never play an empty table, a full table has better odds. Have the best player play on the end.

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