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2006 Date: 4/5/2006

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Guadeloupe - Illes des Saintes


We arrived in the islands off Guadeloupe in mid morning, then took the tender to shore. The port is beautiful - a typical colonial Caribbean port. Local currency is the Euro.

(click to enlarge)

We chose to hike up to the fort which overlooks the harbor.

The views are fantastic.

It's a good strenuous hike up to the fort - you can also rent a scooter. I don't recommend biking up - way too steep, unless your used to mountain climbing on your bike.

The French fort was used to protect the harbor and shipping interests.

View of the harbor from the fort.

Sample laundry bill from the cruise. In .pdf format.

Feedback letter. In .pdf format.

Postcard. In .pdf format.

Afternoon on a Seadream Cruise

View of Ship

The highlight of the relaxed afternoon aboard ship is swimming (and floating) off the back of the ship.

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