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2006 Date: 4/8/2006

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Jost Van Dyke

Beach Day

The best day of the voyage is beach day - this is where the crew sets up a beach BBQ and the champagne splash. Typically you anchor around 10:00 a.m. and the staff frantically ferries supplies ashore for the event. The rigid inflatable then starts to ferry passengers to the beach at about 11:00 a.m.

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Beach Day

At Anchor

As soon as you get to the beautiful sandy shore, you're offered drinks from the beach bar. Shortly thereafter, a buffet is set up with grilled meats.

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Beach Fun


The water is warm and clear. This is the time to bring a NERF football or Frisbee and spend the entire day in the water. Apply and reapply sunscreen, since you're guaranteed a burn if you don't. The snorkeling isn't the best here - but the water is clear. Oddly enough, when I was playing football, I noticed a shape under the water glide by me - which reminded me of Tahiti when we were feeding the stingrays. Sure enough a large stingray was checking things out. He just swam by and never came back - nothing to worry about.

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Beach Tenders

Zodiac Tender

Since the water is shallow here, the ship uses its water sports Zodiacs to ferry people ashore.

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The start of the caviar and champagne splash !

Take one sailboard, flip it over. Cover with red tablecloth. Prepare caviar and champagne. Steady board, and serve chilled.

The splash is a hit with the passengers.

Afterwards, you can go relax on the water trampoline or just sunbathe.

Lunch BBQ on the Beach

Lunch Buffet

It's amazing how much selection the staff brings ashore for the lunch buffet - everything from chicken, steak, ribs, burgers and even prime rib.

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Jost Van Dyke


As you can see - the beach is just beautiful. The contrast with the white sand, tropical foliage and clear Caribbean waters make for some great photos.

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A view from the dining area, out onto the beach.

The beach.

Sunset at Jost Van Dyke.


Last Full Day of Cruise

Jost Van Dyke

By this time of the cruise - you've made lots of friends, and can't believe how fast the week has slipped through your fingers. Beach day is the culmination of a week of adventure, fun and relaxation which SeaDream packages better than any other cruise company in the world.

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The last dinner aboard the ship is usually one of the best. You're surrounded by friends, telling stories, and joking around with the crew. On one hand, you're having a great time, but on the other, you're sad to leave such a fun adventure.

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Last Night Packing

After Dinner Turn Down Service

If you actually brought luggage, you need to pack it up and set it outside in the hall for the staff to pickup. Since we travel only with carry-on luggage, we spent about an hour to pack up for the trip home. The best part of packing light, is that you spend less time packing and unpacking - which leaves more time for fun. Nothing is worse than having to repack a huge suitcase. Leave it home, and use the strategy that less is more.

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