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2006 Date: 9/24/2006

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Sunday Hiking

Trail from Riffelalp Station

Sunday we decided to hike from the Riffelalp station around the valley to the other side on the Rothorn.

(click to enlarge)

Starting out on the trail.

First photo taken with steady cam.

Steady cam is basically my Olympus camera strapped to the end of the trekking pole.

Some parts of the trail have large drop-offs to the valley below. This have green fences on the side - unlike our experience the previous year in Murren while climbing down the Schilthorn.

Blue fence and cable.

The drop-off.

Interesting tree photo.

The trail.

Interesting tree photo.

Interesting tree photo.

Interesting tree photo.

Interesting tree photo.

Waterfalls are numerous along the trail.

Dormant (in the summer) cable car station.

This station is at the bottom of a ski run.

A larger stream, which is the melt-off from a glacier above.

Small hydro electric plant which takes some of the flow from the stream.

Looking back up the valley to the cable car station and hydro plant.

The trail (road) heading down the valley to Zermatt on the lower slopes of the Rothorn.

Sheep grazing.

Dinner at the Riffelalp. Raclette machine.

Cheese fondue.

Wood grilled chicken.

Jane and Pepe at dinner - enjoying the fantastic food.

Scrumptious dessert.

Absinthe - a distilled beverage from wormwood (illegal in the US).

First, the Absinthe is poured over the sugar into a glass. The sugar is lit on fire, and the sugar melts into the glass below.

Last, water is poured over the remaining sugar into the glass. The clear Absinthe turns a greenish haze color. Also known as the green fairy.

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