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2006 Date: 10/2/2006

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Monday Departure


After checking out of the Hilton, we caught the courtesy van to the airport. The Zurich Airport is modern and efficient - although it can be a bit challenging to find the airline check-in counter. We checked all our large luggage, and got window-aisle seats.

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Flight Late


Since our flight got in late, we departed 30 minutes late.

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Economy Class

Window Seats

We had window seats - but no window, just a bulkhead. It gave us a bit more legroom, but we couldn't stretch out because we were at the bulkhead. It turned out ok though. We departed at 10:40 a.m. for an 11 hour flight back to Atlanta. On the day flight back home, I got up regularly to stretch and walk a bit - and finally found out that is the key to a very long flight.

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Arrival in Atlanta

Atlanta Delta Crown Room

We arrived in Atlanta around 3:00 p.m. After we filled out a customs form, we went through a passport check, then waited for our luggage. We walked through customs, then rechecked our baggage through to Madison. We then headed up to the Delta Crown Room for some snacks and cocktails.

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Atlanta to Madison


Our flight departed Atlanta around 7:00 p.m. on a CRJ 200 (regional jet) to Madison. In the segment near the Chicago area to Madison, we noticed lightning. Then all hell broke loose. The first round of turbulence told me right away (I'm a trained airline pilot) that things were going south fast. The lightning increased, and we started flying around the thunderheads. We strained hard against our seatbelts. The second round of turbulence was strong to severe, as the jet momentarily was doing rolls, dives and climbs. It was clear that the pilots were doing unusual attitude recovery. This was all in the last 30 minutes of the flight. I was wondering what the pilots were thinking as we prepared our final approach into Madison. Luckily the huge downdrafts and turbulence subsided enough for us to land. It was clear that we went through some strong storms. We were all glad to be on the ground.

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Swiss army knife accessories.

Absinthe accessories.

Music CD.

Geomag toy.

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke

Lasered acrylic travel journal. I custom make these then bind in blank pages along with travel info pages.

Trekking pole. Collapsed. Has anti-shock mechanism.

Electrical adaptor plug.

Swiss electrical plug with battery charger.

Travel journal - note pen holder on right inside.

Top view.

Open view.

Front view.

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